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  1. Bristol festival ‘Love saves the day’ has just announced they are planning on rescheduling their festival (usually end of May) to late September. They are also having a limited capacity of attendees :(.
  2. Hey all. Does anyone here know if Covid test results can be sent out 24/7 or if they operate within a set time frame.
  3. Yeah sorry that’s what I meant they move all first year stuff online so no one has to feel like they do need to move and potentially be stuck away from family. Best of luck with your first year I’m sure it will all work out and will be sorted soon
  4. I also think this week will be a big university announcement. Most likely the option to go home and get your money back/ get out your contract. This will probably be paired with a household gathering ban. Could imagine it going along the lines of ‘next Monday household mixing will be banned if you wish to go home please go home before this date, if you stay at halls you run the risk of not being allowed to leave etc’
  5. Completely agree with you. As much as going home would be gutting for students they should have really not allowed people to go into accommodation from the start. It was pretty obvious the relocation of people from all over the country would introduce more COVID to areas that weren’t as badly effected. You then also have this problem every holiday as students will go home for a couple of weeks and then go back to halls. The most sensible thing now would be to refund all the students accommodation costs and move everything online for first years. What the government should have done from the start is as first year is more about socialising than the studying is postponed all first years going to university until next year when they can socialise without the risk of infecting themselves and others
  6. I’ve heard they are allowed to leave - ie go home but have been told once they leave the halls they aren’t allowed to go back either way very hard position for students to be in.
  7. Hey was wondering if anyone here can help me out with advice on whether I need to isolate or not. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat, which throughout the day turned into a sore throat headache, chills and a runny nose. Didn’t get much sleep and when I woke up my nose is fully blocked the chills are still there and headache but sore throat is gone. A cough has started to develop however it’s about one cough every hour nothing major. A bit gross but my snot is green which online says this is a viral infection like the common cold or flu. The blocked nose means I’ve lost my taste and smell and that and the new cough by government guidelines means you have to isolate right or is it different if you know the cause of the loss is a blocked nose. It also says online that any congestion of nose or runny nose is highly unlikely to be COVID so what shall i do ?
  8. If the government introduce a ban on household mixing is it likely to last as long as last time (like 3 months I think)?
  9. Has Eminem ever been linked with Glastonbury, I’d find it a bit surprising how someone of his size has never performed there in his 20 year or so long career. Heavy rumours he was meant to be doing a few european shows like Sziget this year. If he pushes these plans back to next year could he be a possible replacement for Kendrick Lamar in a like for like swap?
  10. May be a bit of a stretch but in the new Eminem video, the date March 24th 2020 is shown 2 times. Possible announcement of dates coming then perhaps.
  11. In their study of genes in 103 samples of the coronavirus, which is named SARS-CoV-2 and causes a disease called COVID-19, they revealed they had discovered two distinct versions of it, which they named L and S. They claimed that around 70 per cent of patients have caught the L strain, which is more aggressive and faster-spreading than S. But L has become less common as the outbreak has gone on, with it apparently struggling to spread since early January, while S has become more common. S is less aggressive but is thought to be the first strain of the virus which made the jump into humans and is continuing to infect new patients.
  12. Just seen that apparently the virus has mutated into a second strain that is much more mild and that the original strain is dying out. This is surely good news for the likely hood of Glasto going ahead
  13. Saw an interesting point made on twitter regarding the Eminem situation. They suggested that maybe he’s delaying any announcement of upcoming shows festivals due to the coronavirus situation. Any thoughts to whether there could be any truth in this?
  14. Any chance Skepta being there this year. Doing 3 uk festivals atm and is doing a European festival a few days before glasto.
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