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  1. I’m more worried about the future of nightclubs tbh. What’s going to happen when the landlords start coming for rent and the govs furlough scheme ends? Can we really see clubs like Printworks or smaller venues like Phonox ect opening again this year? Doesn’t seem like a gov support package is coming anytime soon either....
  2. HAIM album of the year (so far) for me. Hit after hit. Ding Dong
  3. After checking the weather for next week....it's really hit me hard. Was hoping a washout would ease the blow
  4. Will be devastated if we lose Kendrick. Already gutted we’ve probs lost Noel...2020 line up was too good, really wish they didn’t release it!
  5. Seems very sudden....given the festival is 3 months away...3 months ago this virus didn’t even exist?! Read somewhere today that they’re expecting case number to start falling in 3 weeks.... Devastated if it is true. However, given the job losses/financial implications this has caused, its important to try and find perspective. Priority tickets for next year would soften the blow massively
  6. Stay positive - Matt Hancock: size of gatherings don't matter, just stay home if you're unwell Asked about the prospect of cancelling mass gatherings, as other European countries have, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary said: "It doesn't matter how big the gathering is, what matters is that people who have the illness aren't spreading it and stay home."
  7. Despite China causing the virus with their awful treatment of wildlife, they have done a pretty good job in containing it. Only 10 new cases reported in China were outside the Hubei region and for the first time new cases reported outside China exceeded the number of new cases in China. If Italy manage to contain it and the other Euro countries mitigate to inevitable 'spill-over' from the Italy's cases I'm sure that by May/June we should be over the worst. This is all presuming Iran has no effect on British festivals/Mass events btw because I can see that situation getting real real bad. This is my last post on the matter cause it's taking up way too much of my time. See ya's at Glasto!!
  8. Agreed...in Vietnam, there were 16 cases of Covid19 and all 16 have recovered....therefore a 0% fatality rate! On a serious note, it’s far too early to discuss the potency of this virus, especially given 98% of cases are in China where the virus originated (lack of preparation), is a country where air quality is notoriously bad and is a country with a high % (25%) of smokers. Given the virus attacks the respiratory system I’d expect the fatality rate to be a lot lower elsewhere. Italy may be an exception again due to smoking, ageing population and their love of the double-cheek kiss....
  9. Yeah that's my biggest worry too. Glasto wasn't cancelled in 2009 despite the outbreak occurring in early June (1,000 cases). As I mentioned, media sensationalism/scaremongering will be the issue. I'm surprised the Sun/Daily Mail haven't published one already 'EURO's and Glastonbury in doubt....'
  10. Did Swine Flu promote this much hysteria in 2009 when over 500,000 people (UK) were infected? I know the fatality rate is about 4x higher for Covid-19 but I swear the impact on the global economy, media ect. wasn't this severe...Has the development of social media/comms played a part? Or maybe because I was too young to take notice..... The Olympics Committee have given themselves 3 months to make a decision. IMO a statement won't be made by Glastonbury until balance payment week. I don't really see the need for any correspondence in the meantime given how quickly outbreaks appear to be developing (case of Italy). Things change quickly. China appears to have contained their situation and I'm hoping Italy will do the same. To ease my mind I try to look at the numbers in proportion. If the UK and Italy get 10,000 cases each...it's still only 0.015% of our populations. Given the awareness of the virus (something that China & arguably SK, HK & Singapore didn't have) we should be able to prevent it reaching this kind of number. Again, viruses don't like heat, let's hope for a Summer like 18. I'm positive - Glasto 2020 will happen as planned.
  11. I’d love Tyler to be at the farm but I can’t see him playing anything lower than Other headliner
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