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  1. MrMac

    Posh Camping

    I agree. There's a difference in my mind between someone who'd choose this sort of accommodation as a first option compared with it being a last resort in order to get a ticket (after missing out in the general sale). Still cheaper than Camp Kerala!
  2. I'm no weather buff, but to my mind horizontal rain is ok for the ground as it never actually lands?
  3. MrMac


    Rabbit Hole itself can get busy but I've never had to queue to get in there. Warren's playing a new part though (Funkingham Palace), so no-one knows yet how that'll be set up. I'd be tempted to stop in for a recce and a drink sometime earlier in the day if you definitely want to make it inside.
  4. MrMac


    Works for me... thanks very much! For those who asked specifically: Stonbridge Y23 Rabbit Hole Z22 Toad Hall W27 Beat Hotel H23
  5. Slight amendment for me: 1. No flags 2. Flags with lists 3. Flags without lists 4. The "I heart Sausage" flag 5. Pablo Honey
  6. MrMac


    They certainly had live acts while it was down in the SE corner... I remember seeing Freeland play it back in 2009. Maybe they stopped when they moved it into the main body of the festival though?
  7. Here's one I took in the SE corner...
  8. MrMac


    Glade Lounge normally has the most psytrance.
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