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  1. I'm delighted with it. PJ & RHCP at the same festival is a dream for me. Give 0 shits about Volbeat. Each to their own.
  2. If this is their stance, then Rock Werchter must release their 2021 line-up as soon as fucking possible so that people have that choice. I'm in London and don't go every year. I decide in Jan/Feb once I have a good idea of what I'm paying for. That's basic consumer choice. September 15th is seemingly an arbituary date; I suspect to give people time to "get over it" and just swallow this bullshit. Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the implications for the future of such festivals if they bulk-refund all that bought a ticket. That is something for the festival organisers, Ticketmaster a
  3. Sorry, but in no way whatsoever were Europe quicker to react. If anything, we were far, far slower than a lot of the Far East.
  4. Agreed, they're pretty tame live but I like their songs enough to stand through them or enjoy as background music. With that said, I've seen them twice already so would prefer someone else I enjoy that I've never/have rarely seen.
  5. I've been twice over recent years and both times my mates and I walked into Werchter in the sunshine and picked up supplies (snacks, beers etc) from the local supermarket, which is a good size and saves you having to travel any further. We did this straight after we'd set up our little area so all hands were free for the good stuff. While I haven't stayed in any of the other camp sites, I wouldn't consider not staying in Hive if it's available. It's a great place and really lifts the experience for me. Showers, while a bit pricey, are a welcome luxury (this year I'll be trying to ration
  6. Perhaps, but then with Frusciante coming back they seem to want to play before sitting down and recording an album. They've just stepped in for Metallica at Sonic Temple and with all the talk of a co-headliner on the Friday, it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility. Not saying it was ever likely, but...
  7. Aye, I guess it was always a stretch. Saying that, John Butler Trio are in Antwerp on the Friday, so there maaaay be a chance of them playing RW on one of the other days? I can hope...
  8. Any chance at all of the RHCP, John Butler Trio or Kaleo making an appearance? Not necessarily on the Friday...
  9. Thanks. Yeah, just checked their tour guide and they're in the States only at the mo, though would be time for Europe between their last two US shows. Surprised you found them boring, but each to their own
  10. Chili's would be a good fit for the Friday, but whether they're adding any more dates now is doubtful
  11. Any chance of Kaleo? Believe they have a new album out soon... they were my best discovery in 2018 by a long shot.
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