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  1. little bit of rain won't spoil the first festival in 18 months, have a great time everyone see u all in the pits
  2. Reckon there'll be a silent disco or something after the headliners?
  3. Architects playing Alt London on 30th August, surely that puts them in contention for a secret set at some point over the weekend
  4. QOTSA are such a class booking imo they really don't get the praise they should.
  5. Anyone here a fan of Ocean Grove? Been following them since seeing them support Architects in Sydney a few years ago and they're quite slept on. Most recent album is brilliant, highly recommend it to any nu metal fans out there. they seem to have nailed a genre that's died in recent times and made it feel modern and new.
  6. that's punk music tho right lol. Can always rely on Travis to carry them live
  7. I'm the exact same, my favourite band growing up and finally saw them for the first time in 2014 and had the time of my life. I look back at the live set on youtube and didn't realise how poor most of the guitar tones were. Tom coming back would be bigger than John Frusciante rejoing chilis in my eyes big up blink
  8. Interested in peoples thoughts of Blinks set back in 2014
  9. Chances on Chase and Status? playing clapham common on sunday 29th august could do Reading Friday and Leeds Saturday
  10. Architects / Parkway Drive / Code Orange / Lotus Eater That would be killer at the O2 and will shift tickets
  11. Think they've said no main stage clashes since then, feel like the crowds will be very small for some acts if they do clash. will seem even smaller being outdoors rather than a tent
  12. I remember walking past their set in the pit back in 2014 before arctic monkeys and even my pals who weren't into heavier music said that it looked crazy. Would be even more amazing now. Can easily see it happening considering some of the bands that have played that stage in recent years. BFMV, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Good Charlotte. And the Broco secret set back in 2017 jeez
  13. agreed, maybe an architects secret set if they're not announced.
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