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  1. They could enhance the app to show real time crowd levels at the various stages.
  2. Great post. Yes Glasto Latino is my late night venue now. Great fun and great exercise. Lonely Hearts excellent too. Kojaque was one of my highlights there.
  3. Yes I’m wondering if they could tweak the licensing somehow to allow use of the tents after dark for some of the dj acts.
  4. Colorblindjames


    Ummm people are actually saying she’s no good. They were slagging her off from the original booking. If you only judge an artist performance by the size of the crowd then I can see why you’d call it a flop. But you’d be wrong. The fools were the masses heading home early saying there was no one on they wanted to watch or watching football after paying 350 for a ticket.
  5. Colorblindjames


    I loved it and the Guardian review was 5 stars.
  6. Colorblindjames


    That as I said has been happening for years. It’s what happens at festivals.
  7. Colorblindjames


    How is it a mean thing to say? Everyone knows you won’t get to everything you want at Glastonbury. At the pyramid stage support acts are frequently disrupted by people getting there early for the headliner. Just the way it is.
  8. Colorblindjames


    Are you finishing off your Glastonbury stash?
  9. Colorblindjames


    Great post. Agree 100%.
  10. Colorblindjames


    I didn’t know there was a specific vibe required for Sunday night. This comment highlights exactly the point I was making. Everyone thinks the Pyramid should be a specific thing when what it should be is a complete mix of artists.
  11. Colorblindjames


    I see you don’t do nuance.
  12. Colorblindjames


    If they want to see a specific act they should get there early enough. I did it a few times over the weekend.
  13. Colorblindjames


    Why do they have to fill the field? Where is this idea coming from. If the field is filled other acts elsewhere are getting less love.
  14. Colorblindjames


    She didn’t tank at Glastonbury. Unless you are one of the football net spend type folk who just judge an artist by the size of her crowd.
  15. Colorblindjames


    I’m saying it should be a mix. Tough luck if you didn’t get there in time to see Avril. Maybe you should have planned your day better. Plenty of other things to see.
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