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  1. Are bigger bags allowed on the festival site? What do people advise ? Just to bring a jacket or rain poncho. The weather seems to be unpredictable to me. Or is a T-shirt and shorts simply good 😉 ! I don’t know how often there are thunder storms….
  2. Isn’t it true that SZiget is still great even with smaller names? Simply because there are so many different stages on SZiget and there is so much to see?
  3. My opinion if Bieber will pull out: - Stromae headliner and Halsey will fill in the spot of Stromae. She is around because of Reading/Leeds and SZiget seems to fit. -Stromae as a co- headliner together with Black Eyed peas . Worth to notice that they have the same manager as Bieber and they are around in the summer. Yeah Bieber fans won’t be happy at all but in the end this will be the best and one of the only possible solution in my opinion.
  4. Watching Glastonbury performances… I can tell that the line-up SZiget created isn’t bad after all…. a lot of hidden gems! The Monday is going to be epic tho….those bands were so good live this weekend damn!!
  5. Maybe I didn’t formulate my question right. Pinkpop is constantly filled with people . There are waiting times for like 30 minutes to just get a drink or food. Is this also the case at SZiget? Or are there also more quite areas.
  6. question… How is crowd management in SZiget? Is it too busy sometimes ? Or is it okay! I am visting Pinkpop this weekend and I am shocked by the bad crowd management and amount of people. I hope it’s more spread in SZiget.
  7. I wonder what will happen….
  8. They added some new names but that is already since two weeks.
  9. Harry styles is not possible btw. He needs to be in Canada the 15th. So he will only have two days in between. Wont happen looking at logistics and travelling.
  10. Omg Harry Styles as a headliner that would be huge…
  11. Nope I agree. I hope they have another headliner ready…..
  12. Dua Lipa uses same stage and props as for concert shows! That is going to be spectacular!
  13. How on earth is Ronnie Flex a bigger name than Kensington? Kensington sold out a huge concert venue in The Netherlands several times and they sold out venues in Poland, Germany , etc. People in Poland don’t even know who Ronnie Flex is. I don’t like both bands but this is just weird
  14. Bieber likely to cancel SZiget
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