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  1. How is Travis Scott an Indie Headliner?🤣
  2. smh. Genuinely if they just put Rage, Travis and Foals on there, the rest of the lineup could be w*nk and it would still appeal to everyone. I don't understand why they have booked 4 mediocre acts as well as a bunch of other shit. Sorry for my language, but really pissed off about this. As someone who likes rap and rock equally, apart from QOTSA and Post, there is nothing here that would persuade me to shell out 200+ quid. Disappointed. Its lazy and jus boring
  3. Honestly just stick Travis Scott on the bill and then have a whole Rock/indie lineup. That will appeal all the young kids and will acc let us have some proper acts back. Plus Travis Scott is an insane performer, even if im not a huge fan of the genre
  4. Also how tf did I get 11 down votes because of a Lizzo joke🤣. Some people are way too sensitive these days it was just light humour.
  5. would expect to see yen cordae, ski mask, JID, Jay Rock and MAYBE Lil Uzi Vert because he pulled out last yea because his grandma was in hospital (allegedly) but he's booked for wireless (which he pulled out of too) so maybe he's making amends and is actually performing this year. The problem with Skepta was he had a contract with FR but pulled out because of a show in Nigeria which violates the contract terms, whereas Uzi had unforeseen circumstances. Can also see Lizzo performing.
  6. Lizzo is the biggest one i can think of, in more ways than one...
  7. Highly disappointed with the hip hop acts booked. I prefer Rock don't get me wrong and I love RATM and IDLES but they could have booked more exciting hip hop instead of aitch and Blackbear. And AJ being booked 4 years in a row and I'm seeing Stormzy 3 weeks later. Just a waste of money at this point. Honestly if it wasn't for Rage and Denzel wouldn't have bought a ticket smh.
  8. Everyone asks who dan wilcox is but not how dan wilcox is. How are you mate?
  9. I have spent 10 minutes per hour on here since wednesday. Fuck Knows how long that is. I can predict Ive wasted my life on here for the headliners to be Halsey, Calvin Harris and Kaiser Chiefs with Lil Yachty as sub 🤣
  10. Haha I like a mix of rap and rock tbh. Favourite band is the Killers but best concert Ive been to has to be Travis or Foo's
  11. No one knows mate. Just a reddit rumour
  12. Also side note who thinks Eminem, Stormzy, LG and BMTH are boring bookings? Would much rather RATM, Travis and Gorrilaz. Or is that just me speaking from an 18 year old's perspective
  13. Good! was alarmed at the lack of RATM
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