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  1. Surely if Carti is in the country Wireless should try book him?!?
  2. I think Wireless maybe thought that because people haven’t been to see live music in 2 years, that it would sell out regardless, which is a very cheap way of looking at it from their point of view. I think the big issue is Migos personally, and the lack of good subs. If you replaced Migos with say ASAP Rocky, and added people like Roddy Richh, Playboi Carti, Doja Cat, Jack Harlow, Bryson Tiller etc. Then the Lineup would be looking a lot better (imo).
  3. I feel as if because they book those guys every year then everyone has gotten too spoilt🤣 I’ve never been wireless before (I’ve been to PL and leeds) but I’m gassed to see Future, Uzi and Lil baby. That’s just me tho
  4. I think Wireless are under the impression that Female artists won’t sell as well as male artists, which is probably true to a certain extent but I would really have liked to see some more female representation here because there are a lot of really fire female acts going right now like Little Simz, Sza, Doja Cat and Jorja Smith who can easily be a sub headliner and arguably bigger than people like Dblock, as well as sell their share of the tickets. A little bit disappointing again that it’s predominantly Male.
  5. Expected a bit more icl
  6. Not sold out yet. Still more tickets left
  7. Yh I saw Future, Migos, Megan, Skepta, Thugger and AJ. Which is basically the same lineup as every other year icl. Not that I’m complaining but it is slightly disappointing
  8. Aslong as Carti is there I’m going. In pandemic year I’m not going to go to see artists I haven’t seen, but he is literally the last person on my list. I’m praying he goes😭
  9. Q. When do we think that the final tickets & the Lineup will be released? And out of curiosity, who do people most want to headline (realistically)?
  10. They must be taking the piss at this point. And also idk I think Drake is too big for Wireless at this point I can’t lie. I hope it is him though
  11. They are only saying that because it is near Croydon. Security will be high as it always is, so there is nothing to worry about in-terms of being in the festival, but I would always say be careful when travelling to and from the festival, and make sure you are with big groups of people at all times.
  12. I know that they use a lot of the same artists, but it’s never been heard of before that BOTH the PL headliners would also be headlining on 2 of the Wireless days seems unlikely unless the festival companies have been really cheap this year
  13. To be honest the reason that it could be possible for all 3 to be different to Parklife is because they are the same weekend they don’t wanna just have the same lineup surely. And I never thought meg or Dave were headline worthy in my opinion. To be fair to him, Lil baby has a very big catalog of albums, compared to two albums Dave has and 2 Meg has.
  14. I mean, Reading and Leeds said they wouldn’t and they still used 2 of the same headliners, so I wouldn’t be suprised
  15. I mean if you think about it Lil Baby has changed a lot since last January when he was booked for 2020. He had 6 top 10 hits in 2020 as well as having a top 10 best selling album of the year ,he’s probably the same size of Dave in my opinion and Dave Is headlining PL. but I do agree, they will definitely recycle some of the Parklife Acts. Who knows what the lineup is though🤷‍♂️ They could be trolling us and have booked KSI, Mario Judah and Ivorian Doll as the three headliners🤣🤣
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