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  1. The walk from pitch village won't be much more than 5 minutes 👍
  2. Courteeners and Blossoms to headline then. Guessing there's a lot more still to come.
  3. How much of the line up are we thinking they are going to show? I'm guessing they would want to reveal at least one of there top acts to kick start ticket sales
  4. One of the headliners is different from last years line up. I think they will probably be quite popular with the dark fruits brigade
  5. Had my 2nd Astra Zeneca jab today. Pleased to have done my small part to help protect myself and others 🙂
  6. Gutted. This was my last hope for the year 😢 Feel for everyone involved in the industry but the good times will return 🙏
  7. Gutted. We needed this but understand that the risk for them was too high 😔
  8. Someone like phonics pulling out would certainly create a problem that would need solving
  9. One of the hold ups could be that some acts have pulled out and there's now a scramble on to get those replaced
  10. It's odd that it's taking this long to announce a decision. Tickets are still on sale so no sign yet of it been cancelled
  11. It's got to be very soon. No news is good news right?
  12. Seems a very sensible approach to take for this year to ask for a negative test. Don't know why the government can't give the go ahead to outdoor events using this requirement. Not many would have much faith in Boris to stick to the 19th July opening
  13. It's a bold move from Standon. Either they know something that others don't or it's shit or bust for them.
  14. Surely the gamble would be too great for an independent festival like ynot to go ahead. Too precede now and then have to cancel before the event would more than likely bankrupt the festival. On the other hand if they cancelled and enough people didn't roll tickets over then the outcome could be the same. I expect also should they go ahead then don't expect the line up to be completely the same.
  15. Never usually any problem finding a camping space even arriving later on a Friday. However be prepared to have to walk further to find a space the later you arrive. Queues are not too bad, usually busier on Thursday when it first opens then again first thing on the Friday but nothing that I would be concerned about. I would still advise to arrive as early as you can anyway. I believe that the organisers have applied to be a pilot event and were still waiting on a response but that was a week ago so who knows what's happening. I understand it was a 50/50 chance of happening but I wouldn't get my hopes up 👍
  16. I guess the other festival chosen as a pilot event will be Latitude then
  17. Not sure exactly about KC but ynot which is I guess a similar size and the same weekend usually begin the build about 3 weeks before the event. Its a big call for organisers, fingers crossed they hold there nerve and go for it and everything turns out ok
  18. Sadly can't see this happening now with any delay. The organisers won't be able to risk starting the build with no guarantee that in 4 weeks everything will be OK and also without any covid insurance cover 😔
  19. I have always been optimistic but now it seems the all hopes are fading. I can't see festivals like Truck/ynot/tramlines/kedal which are due by the end of the month start there on site builds without knowing for sure that they will be able to open the gates.
  20. To be fair apart from 2017 which was shit it's not been that bad. Yes 2019 some bands had to be moved inside tents which meant some bands got cut but this was mainly due to the wind. I live and work nearby and it's not any different weather to anywhere else it's just been a bit unlucky at times. That's the good old British weather for you!
  21. Cheers for that! Looking at where the car parks are it's still going to be a fair trek for some. Not me though, campervan field now at my age 😂
  22. Are these plans available to view online somewhere? Sounds like a good idea anyway. It should cut down the walk from the car parks to the campsites quite a bit
  23. I've heard talk of them returning to the old site but using some of the fields on the current site for parking
  24. 2018 was a massive improvement with metal trackways all around the car parks. In 2019 the weather turned crap with high winds and rain but they kept everything going and they were constantly putting woodchips down but faced a loosing battle so couldn't fault the effort.
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