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  1. would honestly be the most interesting headliner
  2. I’m sure they were taken off when leeds was cancelled. I may be wrong hopefully someone can back me up
  3. I think it’s likely that MB wanted to throw us off the scent thinking they’d let rage go when in reality they had them again. I have to admit I was sceptical they’d let them go Since they are his all time headliner
  4. Leeds dates are back on the Rage Website but it’s still the dates that would’ve been this years festival not next years.
  5. Dan has dropped us a little bit of something and watched up turn into monsters from a distance and honestly I love it
  6. Would love a Jamie T set anywhere on there tbh
  7. Seeing a lot of people saying arctic monkeys for next year. If the Hillsboro park dates are confirmed will glasto not be much more likely for them?
  8. I’m 16 and BUZZING but I have nobody to see them with cos all my friends are fuming. Happy to go see them on my own tho. Not an opportunity I’ll get many times in life
  9. Have we considered that the massive world tour tomorrow is Oasis. And the lineup tomorrow instead of being x/LG/y is x/Oasis/y
  10. If rage turns out to be true everyone chips in £1 for dans reading ticket
  11. Sure they’re not the castle stage headliners on the Saturday of victorious??
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