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  1. At the min am going with a mate so ur more than welcome to join if you’d like 🙂
  2. Maybe like a 3/4 down from headline or is that just being optimistic
  3. Anyone think deaf Havana will make an appearance?
  4. Finally someone equalling me 😂 where you going?
  5. I’ll raise this.... am going to 6
  6. So with the talks really just focussing on LG/Stormzy/RATM, does that mean biffy and/or bmth are out of the pic? Also, what are people thinking about Tyler The Creator ? With him being at love box and park life, is he out of the question or still in the running for like a sub or 3rd down maybe?
  7. Hey! So I’ve been going to Leeds for the past four years but this’ll be my first time camping. Currently down with someone from work but that’s just it. So am just looking if any would wanna join us or if there’s room for us! hit me up if your down! Liam 🙂
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