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  1. As someone who is often dead and buried by the Sunday night, I'm all for getting floaty to Spiritualized to finish it off. Difficult to tell as they could've easily been a slightly small but solid headliner in my opinion. Rounded off last year at the Tarantino Disco myself
  2. They left 45 minutes between Gruff Rhys and New Order last year although 20 for Hot Chip and Jon Hopkins. Got a good feeling they'll realise how much crossover there will be for the audience and plan ahead. Is Spiritualized definitely before Bjork though? I assumed the former would close the festival myself
  3. Don't really know much about them but I've seen some of the venue's they've played at it seems like there's no such thing as ordinary with them The tunes I've heard I like so I'd more than take it
  4. True, I would imagine it to be a regular set (with maybe one or two extra from Race for Space) with a big ol' backing band
  5. Wasn't able to see the Halle last time as I was graduating. However, I feel they would have already been announced if they were playing so I'm expecting something different. The dream for me would be Public Service Broadcasting with orchestral backing. Was still very surprised not to see them at the Moon Landing celebrations even though they played the previous year Could the co-ordinates tweet suggest British Sea Power may perform with an orchestra behind them? Is that something they're likely to do?
  6. I'd say the music runs until around 1/2am. Then they had some film screenings that began at 3 if I recall correctly. Not exactly party central at evenings but it goes on after the headliners for sure
  7. Not to mention there were some true gems early in the day last year despite the names being less prominent. It's certainly not Bluedot without Henge and their set provided the most unmissable party of the weekend
  8. Sorry to piss on your chips a bit but Foals are doing Kendal which rules them out. Goldfrapp didn't headline when the last played so can't see that either
  9. BSP also played Bluedot in 2016 and were fifth down on The Orbit stage
  10. Looking at previous dates they couldn't top the bill at smaller festivals. Would be a minnow of a headliner I also doubt they'd be allowed to give headliner clues. Kendal didn't
  11. Surely not big enough to headline?
  12. Could we perhaps know the style of music of the headlining trio?
  13. Also does it have a decent share of synth/dance acts like previous years?
  14. Any UK exclusives or notable reunions per chance?
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