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  1. Can not see Rishi Sunak in the Mosh Pit. Maybe at the Pimms Tent. Boris would be the one smuggling a Flare in in his under crackers. Matt Hancock would have had 2 cans of Cider outside pre loading and passed out. No chance Festivals are going to happen.
  2. It must be so difficult for organisers. The Government have announced the Roadmap but at the time I was extremely doubtful that large scale events would happen this Summer.
  3. Boomtown Festival cancelled due uncertainty and the lack of a Covid insurance cover. Based on the deafening silence from the Tramlines team can we expect Tramlines 21 be the next to go ? I would imagine so. Realistically it was always going to come a couple of Months too early.
  4. I will be one happy chap if its James as a Headliner.
  5. I'm going with Royal Blood, Supergrass and The Streets.
  6. Most definitely all of the above with Steps replacing Madness as Sunday night Headliners. Getting my jab tomorrow so bring it on. Was hoping my next visit to Sheffield Arena was to see Gerry Cinnamon not to get my Covid vaccination.
  7. I was humoring Ethan to give him a day of peace.
  8. Announcement is 6pm tonight and Catfish definitely replaced. There you are that will keep you quiet for the rest of the day.
  9. Leave JB alone guys. If it is Bucks Fizz, Leo Sayer and Madness I will be happy. We will have a Festival to go to hopefully. If you have a ticket chill and enjoy the weekend. PS. Message me what you know JB 😀
  10. I have bands I would love to see at Tramlines but if they are not there then regardless its a fantastic weekend. In the past there have been bands I have not listened to before or seen live and gone on to see them again at their own gigs - TDCC, Sea Girls, Tom Grennan, Bang Bang Romeo & The Rifles spring to mind. Conversely there have been Headliners I thought would be amazing and were actually pretty poo - Noel G ! Also the Sunday night slot last time - Chic - a touch of genius even though I had no interest in them. From the original 2020 line up hoping to see DMA's, T
  11. Thats what Festivals are about though. Its more than just the Headliners.
  12. For me Tramlines if a similar undercard will be about The Magic Gang, Easy Life, DMA's, The Sherlocks, Reytons etc. These will more than make up for week Headliners. Its about the weekend not the Headliners. We were spoilt in2019 as all 3 were fantastic in their own ways.
  13. Lewis Capaldi is the most boring act I have ever seen.
  14. Sure it is easy enough to change if purchased on the Tramlines ticketing site.
  15. Blossoms played main stage at Tramlines in 2018 - just before Noel Gallagher I think. Totally passed me by, as did Noel. All 3 Headliners in 2019 - TDCC, Courteeners and Nile Rogers were excellent so something to live up to should it be on, which I don't think it will.
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