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  1. They're really expensive artists.
  2. I could only repeat myself Told you Khalid almost a week ago, and you will see everyone I mentioned on the undercard / amongst the headliners. We're getting close.
  3. Shawn Mendes and Eminem daily tickets will be 20€ and 30€ more expensive than the other ones, respectively.
  4. He’s returning this year. It’s all about the ticket sales and his day will surely sell out really quickly.
  5. You’ll mark my words soon, don’t worry.
  6. Nope, didn't even know she's still around
  7. I'm sorry but I cannot confirm or deny anything regarding the female headliner, I'm trying not to get caught. I already gave you guys a few hints about her. Once we get closer to the announcement, I'll share her name as well.
  8. I won't vanish. I never even mentioned Armin Van Buuren and my name isn't Simon. Also, here's what I said about the poster: "It’s really vibrant and minimal, gets to the point. Feels a bit lackluster compared to 2018 & 2019 but it’s fun nonetheless - simple geometric shapes, with dozens of colors." Guess you only remember the last few words? Don't worry, you won't have to wait that long anymore, Matt!
  9. Generally, I think the undercard and subheads are much more impressive than the headliners. Except for Eminem, who's been on the top of the wish machine list for ages.
  10. I already mentioned that there's only one rock band headlining and they aren't British. 3 of this year's headliners are returning acts.
  11. Next week or the week after. They'll announce the date a few days beforehand, after they've launched the new website / design.
  12. There isn't a British band headlining.
  13. Yup, you've got it. All british bands are on the undercard.
  14. All I can say is that many of you have guessed them correctly and it's not The Chemical Brothers, I don't think it'd be fair of me to call them EDM.
  15. Calvin Harris is one of them, don't worry.
  16. Eminem and Calvin Harris. Sorry but as you could see in the past few days I can't comment on the female headliner, because only a handful of people know about her at this point.
  17. I guess you'll have to wait and see.
  18. I never told you she would be announced today, she's headlining on 11 July. Guess they have to wait until they get closer to her new album's release date.
  19. Foals are not headlining, only Eminem and Shawn Mendes are.
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