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  1. Is this the full line up or can we expect a few more acts to be announced over the next few months? Not that im not happy with the acts we've got
  2. understandable i guess - but im really gutted that they wont be there as a young person who hasnt had the chance to see the pixies, those first 2 albums are some of my favourites of all time and it wouldve been great just to sing along to them with my friends. I dont think concerts are all about what the bands are like now, in reality were they gonna play much of their newer stuff at all? i think they know most people coming to see them dont care about it. theyre getting on now, if anyone expects them to have the same level of energy and stage presence as they did in their 20s then obviously y
  3. Teenage Fanclub have a gap in there dates around EOTR, are they a possibility? Maybe not headliner but...
  4. Anyone think black midi will be announced?
  5. I noticed EOTR are following Phoebe Bridgers but she's never played the festival, maybe shes playing next year? There are also rumours shes dating Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes which would increase the likelihood of this
  6. Any rumours for 2021 aside from RCBF?
  7. I fucking wish they were but now i know that LG is defo a headliner i just want a co headline
  8. I really dont think he is, im really surprised hes a headliner honestly. Nobody actually thinks his solo stuff is good.
  9. Still waiting on IDLES, i also think theyll announce that LG is subbing with someone cos rage 100% wouldnt, and neither would stormzy cos he did glasto. My bets on the strokes
  10. The band were fucking great, but that festival is a shambles. Two of julians mics failed him that night, mixing was off. Ill give a pass on the volume because thats down to legal issues i think
  11. my guy aint even typing yet its page 301.
  12. craziest experience at a festival? I havent really had one but my sister and her bf at the time met the lead singer of flaming lips and got lunch with him at glasto 17
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