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  1. The Killers Royal Blood Mumford Kings of Leon Bille Eilish Twenty One Pilots Faith No More Alt J Taylor Swift
  2. I am delighted with that result! Have been pimping for Royal Blood for months. But can see why people are pissed, neither are really headliners ...
  3. I like Mumford. Saw them at BBK a couple of years ago having never really listened to them and thought they were great. I have also seen Royal Blood x3 and they are the nuts live - unbelievable volume and energy from a duo. As are Pet Shop Boys for different reasons, class act. RHCP was literally one of the worst gigs I went to, a complete let down at Birmingham NEC c4 years ago. The Stokes, I think I am the only one on here that is meh about them, honestly cannot name a tune beyond Last Night 🤣 Nothing But Thieves (brilliant live), Parcels, Highly Suspect and Frank Carter are all good on Friday right now but I can't wait to see what they put on to load that day up now!
  4. He is much, much better! Albeit a bit of a misery guts 🤣
  5. Have you seen Liam live? He is a disgrace. His voice has gone and he treats the audience with contempt. Example being Lollapalooza in Chicago where he sang two songs, probably realized how rubbish he sounded, and stomped off in a sulk! He would be the lowest of the low scenario for me along with Post Malone. The rest you nailed! On another note, Black Keys just announced more US tour dates (sigh, nothing in Europe) and will be out there during Mad Cool. I am still hoping for Royal Blood and Muse (Matt's baby due end May) - no context, just hoping!
  6. Stereophonics ... They are playing in the UK on the 11th so I think unlikely? They did a gig here in Jan which was sold out. It was pretty dull to be honest, only a couple of songs from their first 2 (and best) albums. Having seen them about 7/8 times, I decided never again unless they happen to be on a festival line up. Would love to see Blossoms, Keane and Catfish again though.
  7. Yes, I posted that a few days ago but no one commented. I think they are a strong contender now but as much as I love them, not sure they are a top tier headliner? I also think Black Keys tho no sign of European festival activity, just overseas. I am getting pretty miffed with all this radio silence by Mad Cool tho I have to say!
  8. What about Royal Blood? No one has mentionned them. They were quiet last year but doing a lot of festivals in 2020. I am hoping for them and the Black Keys to be honest.
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