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  1. I literally just found out about the guy yesterday, pfffft
  2. Personally think that’s a decent lineup, like most of the guys going and anyways, that’s 8 (potential) acts of about 100+, I’m sure across 6 stages if you don’t want to watch Eminem there’ll be a nice rock band on for you somewhere
  3. Maybe he doesn’t know anything and this is technically the truth........./
  4. Yeah I’m 22 so I grew up watching his videos, grew out of it a bit now but a few of his newer tunes pop if you’re into that stuff imo
  5. That last one is surely gonna be too much of a crowd pleaser
  6. Saw them in 2017 in Newcastle, boring as fcuk mate
  7. It would get people in earlier and would for sure be a decent atmosphere, the guys definitely money
  8. Bit of a taboo question, but who’s everyone’s nightmare headliner?
  9. They aren’t ruled out, just unlikely to play as no other dates announced
  10. Download’s gotten a lot less heavy in recent years to be fair, last time I went Biffy and Aerosmith were headlining
  11. Wrong forum, I believe you’re looking for the Download Festival forum, although their lineup is announce and SOAD are headlining
  12. The bigger the headliner the earlier you'd want to announce it surely??
  13. https://www.notion.so/836208cbd67a4bdeafcaf7b8b7b0d032?v=0e3f589fb7ae491fb206a2bfcee3655d Found this from a guy on the tube, worth noting that in 2018 the first announcement wasn't until Feb 13th! Means FA but it's pretty interesting to see the timelines of when shit was announced
  14. Not huge on them but I’d see them
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