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  1. Just wondering if Tim Westwood is hosting wireless? He has been there most years but I haven’t seen anything about him being there.
  2. Really wanting Dave to be there. I’m hoping Burna boy brings him out main stage.
  3. Didn’t jhus announce that he isn’t doing any more shows for the next 3/4 years?
  4. How do they know what stage each person is on? Is it accurate
  5. Don’t they usually add more people closer to the festival?
  6. Next week is February. It’s always been released end of January. 100% this week and especially cause they announced its coming out soon.
  7. Just got a email saying lineup is coming soon.
  8. I’m gonna call lineup Wednesday or Thursday
  9. I recon cause this is the last week of January and they always seem to announce it at the end of this month.
  10. I would think so but I thought last year they announced when the lineup would be released on Instagram . Seem to be really quiet about it this year.
  11. Might be completely wrong here but it says longitude is on the exact same dates as wireless this year. Would that mean the artists playing there won’t be performing at wireless?
  12. Oh yeh true, just saw a tweet on twitter saying it. Didn’t think it was true anyways.
  13. Apparently the lineup isn’t being announced until a couple weeks before the festival? Surly that can’t be true. Thought it would be coming out on Monday.
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