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  1. They have new music soon supposedly and an album on the way, 10 years of their first album was this year too. Plus, with their name itself, can really see a secret set from them, possibly that gap in the main stage ?
  2. Considering the announcement is today, and you’d hope/assume that with day splits It’ll be fairly sizeable, I’m shocked by that there has been any sort of leaks/accidental leaks by acts yet, unless you count Tom Grennan of course 😂
  3. I reckon nothing but thieves are a certainty, same with Tom Grennan, sea girls, the hunna. I would like to see Wolf Alice announced, would they be able to be capaldi’s replacement?
  4. Finally, an answer to the question that comes up every two pages, is the radio 1 stage being get rid of
  5. Mura Masa has multiple songs with slowthai, who we’re expecting to be there
  6. Excited to get to page 300 in which @Dan Wilcoxcomes online to tell everyone the full lineup and the fact that theirs 2 radio one tents this year.
  7. Same here. Although I did read something somewhere on here about all/most of the ones for this year (possibly last year) not actually having a pre announcement before so wouldn’t be surprised 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Why did everyone believe that there’s an announcement at 6 so easily, has the guy that said it been known to know stuff before?
  9. Creamfields which is announcing this week is also sold out no?...
  10. So basically look at whoever catfish and the bottlemen’s next tour support is...
  11. Hear me out, the 1975 are planning on realising music in the next months as their old band (drive like I do), no rome played FR last time he was here but early so could be higher, and Charli is obvs already announced. Drive like I do secret set at reading 2021?
  12. Matty is in it a bit and I think George (from the 1975) produced it 🙂
  13. Blossoms tour been rescheduled to start the day after reading, any chance of them again? I like them but had a shocking crowd at reading last time (makes sense being before twenty one pilots and post) but surely with being that high up last time, they won’t fit in this year
  14. Also you me at six apparently have ‘more exciting news coming this week’ or something right? And the hunna watch this space comments, you’ve gotta assume announcement very soon surely
  15. Is there any chance of a post today or tomorrow announcing an announcement on Monday or is Monday not really a day they announce ?
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