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  1. If we keep the credit as they call it, will we get the tickets at the same price as this year or do we still pay extra on top of the credit we have? Any words about a possible 5th day so far? Thanks for the info you are sharing with us btw!
  2. So does this forum get renamed to 2021 or will a new one be made? Not letting the festival take place this year was and is the only sensible option. Hope as much as possible from this year’s lineup gets recovered to next year... first time since 2014 I won’t be at Werchter 😒
  3. Pearl Jam having to cancel Hide Park amongst other festivals across Europe. Friday they will give more info on their European tour, coincidentally also the same day the Belgian gouvernement will probably cancel all festivals this summer... more info on Friday then? My hopes are just copy-paste to next year and we get to keep our tickets for then.
  4. There’s no need for us to think about possible cancellations for summer festivals and shows. The authorities are closely looking at the situation and don’t even know themselves how things will evolve. IF the festival is going to be cancelled we’ll know end of may or in June, no way they’ll cancel it before then. In China it’s getting better, it was there for 3 months but the authorities were slow to react. In Europe we’ve reacted way quicker so let’s hope in 2-3 months time things will be better. For now, all we can do, is wash your hands over and over and over again and stay at home! Don
  5. If the Belgium game needs airing, won’t it be at the north west walls again? Much bigger space for all the people to stand
  6. I don’t think they should cancel the festival because of this, if you have an OK health, the virus won’t do much to you, just like a cold, a simple flu kills tens of thousands of people every year so the corona virus isn’t that deadly at all. On the other hand we’ll see what the government and werchter say and how it develops...
  7. Will they make up for the lack of Belgian bands with these final names? I’m loving the line-up so far but some Belgian bands would be nice to have
  8. I’m 20 years old, and I LOVE Pearl Jam so much, I’m seeing them 3 times this July, I do get your point as not many others of my age love PJ 😉
  9. how are chances looking for bands like: Squid, The Murder Capital, Shame, The Blinders, blackbear, Trevor Daniel, IDLES, Royal Blood, Sir Sly and belgian bands like: Black Box Revelation, Equal Idiots, Portland, Crooked Steps, SONS, Het Zesde Metaal i know these are a lot of names and not all of them will be there but just asking if i should keep my hopes up for just even one of these bands, there must still be a “belgian bands announcement” to come? very happy with the line up already
  10. so the slim hopes of RATM that were back turned into this, solid (possible) booking for werchter but not my style good to see you back though @Ken19 we appreciate your info!
  11. i made somewhat of a summary of the amount of names already announced per stage per day. it could be 5 names as well in tents but it at least gives an idea of how many names and where they’ll play are still to be announced
  12. don’t you think they’re big enough for an afternoon main stage slot? could be biased from my side as i really like them though 😛
  13. Inhaler going to Openr in Poland the 4th of July, maybe they’ll play the friday 3rd at Werchter as thursday (2nd) and sunday (5th) have a full main stage and i can’t see them play in the barn or so
  14. one can only dream! i for one am still hoping for royal blood, have seen them 3 times and they were magnificent all 3 shows
  15. Royal Blood just announced another UK festival date for July, are they still a possibility? they’re at least ik the three last bands of the day on the main stage nowadays...
  16. i was there as well!! great show, indeed no hints at July though...
  17. i feel bands like fontaines dc, royal blood, murder capital etc are still yet to be announced... at least to me these are rock bands, which rock bands would you wanna see?
  18. aah okay that would make sense! i was just checking to see if there was something i’m missing as i dont know much of the correlation between other festivals and Werchter edit: it would be amazing seeing Fontaines D.C. and squid (and The Murder Capital) this summer at Werchter as my best friend and i are massive fans!
  19. is there a correlation between primavera and werchter that not many bands play at both? because id have thought that spain is quite close and thus a decent option to be playing at both festivals
  20. what are the chances on bands like: the murder capital fontaines d.c. idles royal blood squid the blinders equal idiots black box revelation het zesde metaal i know these are all rock bands but would be great to know the odds of seeing some of these... thanks for your guys help!
  21. very well said, this is true, all commercial ticket selling bands being announced now means a lot of less commercial bands still to come, thanks for the info and happy to see you back!
  22. depends on what you count as headliners barn closer is also technically barn “headliner”, if you count these, then we got some good big names still to come, expecting an announcement on “festival closer” as well where it says that specifically in the announcement
  23. they’ll play at least 2 hours, i mean it’s Pearl Jam! 😉
  24. i think PJ will close off thursday with at least a 2 hour set (23:00 till 1:00 or 1:30 i think)
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