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  1. who is worried about coronavirus with what we have here today hahahaa
  2. Sure. No sense annouce her 3 days later
  3. Yeah, totally agree. On Monday we have Tame Impala and Post Malone and now none of them haha
  4. if he meesed up one time, he can do it 2. Simple
  5. The Raconteurs? Maybe not enough to be headliner
  6. One guy did it in the spain forum a few days ago. As you can see, in the clue the point, the "S" and the "R" are a little bigger than the original line up. See what happens if you try to put the strokes there whit the size of the gif.
  7. Sorry for the bad edit, im too bad on that but, do you think there is enough space for mumford & sons? I dont know how to put the & in the lineup so I use the "y" like spanish hahahah only if the point is in the right side
  8. Cause you must to have a reason to do it, if the 2 hl are shit, Who is going to buy a ticket if you dont do It before?
  9. Would Libertines be good enough to rise the prize?
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