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  1. i want that webcam so bad
  2. ok so could try registering again for the mini resales that follow?
  3. will it be possible to register for 2022 or it that door completely closed now?
  4. Looks like registration to new is closed. Any chance of opening before Sunday or mini resales in next couple of months?
  5. I have a ticket for myself. If I wanted to bring my 11 year old, do I just rock up with them and they do not a ticket or any other ID?
  6. Left a pristine campsite for first time. I’ve always done my patch but the crew I go with don’t. This year was no effort to persuade them. A turning point
  7. Went there on my own not knowing what to expect. Utterly outstanding
  8. The anxiety has kicked in today. I know it happens but wasn’t expecting it to be quite full on. A slight niggly pain in the leg has turned into something massively sinister in my mind. Want to be there but also want to enjoy the final few days build up
  9. Fences for queuing at ped gate D. Stuff getting real
  10. Persuaded my mate who always leaves his tent to take it home. This is a big shift. And it came from watching the above vid.
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