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  1. we're reaching a critical mass. this time next week we'll all be logging on to post feverish theories on the newly retitled eCoronavirus. thank god that so many posters on here were actually experts on pandemic control the entire time.
  2. Losing my mind to a storming rendition of Blustopher Jones: The Cat About Town blasting out of the pyramid. King shit.
  3. Joining Taylor for a mini set of songs from Cats. Surprise appearance from James Corden.
  4. hell yeah get military wives booked
  5. it'd hurt a lot more if they had announced the lineup first. we'd have a tangible idea of the thing that we were losing, rather than it just being basically another fallow year.
  6. ok no one's brave enough to do it yet so here's my nightmare prediction: poster delayed due to coronavirus concerns, festival doesn't want to put it out until they know they're going ahead, this forum spends weeks absolutely losing its collective mind, eventually the festival is confirmed to be cancelled, no poster released at all. I don't actually believe this will happen but all the good dates are taken and I'm going for an Uncut Gems style gambler's high here. put me down for 'no poster' please.
  7. Balls

    2020 New Music

    helll yeeaaah. love everything off this album so far. their pyramid set is going to be a highlight of the festival.
  8. Oh god yeah that Thom crowd is gonna be unbearable isn't it. Even at the front like, it's not like there are a lot of die hard fans of Thom Yorke's solo material out there.
  9. That's a very odd booking. Both for the festival and for Thom who has really never done slots like this as a solo act. Still, I'll keep the day free long as there's a decent lineup with him.
  10. Balls

    "Breaking News"

    whyd you post this pal
  11. Would't be perfect for him but I could absolutely see them sticking Caribou on the Other.
  12. logging on to defend the honour of the ex-raver dad community
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