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  1. The Strokes have just announced Primavera too 😪
  2. The Strokes just announced appearance at Sziget (Budapest) 5-11 August. I feel like they’re playing everywhere except Mad Cool!
  3. Going back to The Strokes 😅 they’ve just announced a new album out 10 April and a date in London on Wednesday 19th Feb
  4. I think he is joking after all the predictions in this thread 😅
  5. The Strokes have just announced dates in Paris and Germany this month. Fingers crossed Madrid comes soon...
  6. Ahh ok I don’t want to see any of them live so that’s good 😅
  7. They are following Dua Lipa, Pearl Jam and Arctic Monkeys on insta... clues?
  8. Some of these suggestions are super disappointing... Keane??? 😓
  9. It had already been 11am Spanish time
  10. It seems like every other festival is announcing their headliners, but MC is making us wait for it 😭
  11. The Strokes have announced as headliners for Three Points (iii) in Miami 1st/2nd May. I am holding out hope that Mad Cool will be their next announcement 🤞
  12. The headliner spot is still blank though
  13. Placebo also announced for Bilbao BBK
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