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  1. Just had the refund (minus fees) - each installment paid separately 🧐
  2. I’ve now had an email from Festicket confirming they’ve processed my refund and I should receive it in 7-10 working days. I originally requested it at 7pm on the 8th july.
  3. They were delaying sending out wristbands (when the fest was still going ahead) as they did not want to overwhelm the postal system during the pandemic. Maybe still the case, in Spain at least?
  4. I think that’s just a request, and when it is processed in a few days they will email you to confirm. I did get an email to say my form was received, but don’t think that means it’s processed yet.
  5. Have you filled in the form online? I requested mine yesterday at 7pm on the dot. The email we got on Tuesday said that they will take up to 15 days to confirm that the refund has been processed, and a further 3-10 working days for it to reach your bank. So that is up to a month in total 😫 just want my money back at this point!!
  6. Same. I think it’s pretty disgusting that MC have said nothing for over a month. I’ve seen a few people on twitter who were intending to keep their ticket are now changing their minds. The whole thing seems so badly organised and dodgy. I just want my money back 😫
  7. So NOS Alive are issuing a voucher. I think MC may offer similar as the law in Spain says they must give a refund within 15 days of a cancellation and the organiser seems to have misplaced millions of euros????
  8. They are also tweeting that they are awaiting “protocol” to be established regarding refunds. I imagine the protocol will be we don’t get one 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. They have opened a hospital at IFEMA, which as I understand is next to the festival site (or maybe part of the festival site?). Surely this is the point at which they realise this can’t go ahead!!!?
  10. Primavera Sound has postponed to 26-30 August. Hopefully MC will follow suit.
  11. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised Britons against all but essential travel to Madrid and some other regions of Spain. I know it’s too early to confirm but not looking good for MC.
  12. Where will you sell it? Just looking at festicket and I didn’t choose the cancellation insurance 🙄 I’m still paying instalments for the 4 day pass
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