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  1. Spoke to the motorhome company who I had booked through today and they have offered to keep the booking intact and roll it over once the dates are announced next year. Nice of them as I was expecting to lose a fairly large deposit. I think that there was a clause in the booking that it could be re-booked before a certain cut off date. It's good for those of us that have tickets that things have been rolled over, but I'm finding it a struggle to be happy at the moment as I have friends in the events industry who are self employed and have literally had all of their income for the foresee
  2. Thanks both. I've since spoken to the credit card company and they are hopeful that they can arrange a refund for me, potentially up to another month for this when the original refund was requested back in November but I'm just extremely thankful that I'm not having to potentially source 2 motorhomes at this stage.
  3. Hi all, First post here (long time lurker), but really wanted to alert other people who may be in a similar situation. I had two motorhomes booked for Glastonbury through National Motorhomes. I originally made this booking as they had refundable deposits and didn't want to risk the amount of money and not get a campervan pass and in the reverse, I didn't want to pay for a campervan pass and risk not being able to get the motorhomes. In the end I booked with another company more local to me once my campervan pass was confirmed, but National Motorhomes had a 28 working day clause to turn
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