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  1. All this talk about internet speeds has me thinking (and lamenting) about our shitty Australian WiFi speeds. If my husband and I are both trying at the same time (so between the two of us I think we had 3 devices each?) on the same WiFi, that theoretically slows us down, yes? What do you guys who live with a partner or roommate who you’re sharing the connection with get around this? Should we split up to different locations? Mind you, on sale time here is at like 3am, so places like libraries aren’t really an option. Just thinking out loud and who better to help me problem solve than you fine people. edit: lol. Just realized I was a page and a whole topic behind. 😂 sorry.
  2. Yes, thanks for doing the leg work on this! I also will be going for coach and regular resale. Fingers crossed I get lucky and can help others out! 🤞🏽
  3. oh wow, that's actually A LOT more than I thought. I can't believe so many people give up their tickets! I understand life gets in the way at times, but I just couldn't imagine. I've been trying to make this happen for literally over a decade now, I can't imagine getting a ticket and choosing/having to give it up.
  4. I know there's another thread for this topic specifically, but thinking more along the resale lines... Do we know how many tickets are typically thrown back into resale? I know it varies year to year, but I feel like this would double the amount of tickets available in April.
  5. I'll be sending my details shortly for myself and my husband. More than happy to join a group! Just wanted to give a heads up in case it isn't checked regularly / you think I'm a total rando. I mean, I'm a total rando right now, but I won't be for long. I tend to get obsessive over my festivals.... 😉
  6. Hi all, I'm new here... Didn't get tickets in October but are planning our entire trip around Glasto anyways for a hail mary attempt at resale tickets in April... (we're coming from Australia, first Glasto for both of us). I have a bit of a love story wrapped up in Glasto, so we're holding out the strongest of hopes that we get tickets... We're going for our honeymoon, and the whole reason we started dating was because we were chatting about Glasto rumors and dream line ups. We both are big Beatles fans and said seeing Paul on the Pyramid Stage would be peak festival goals (to round out our dream top 3 was Prince & Bowie, so Paul is our last hope). Anyways, we chatted for a long time about that and shamelessly flirted, which led to us dating.... now, 5 years later, we're hoping this could be a reality on our HONEYMOON! Anyways, that's my sappy love story and why I'm here. I'll browse the thread but it's quite long, so apologies in advance if I ask stupid questions.
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