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  1. I didn't know what this was going to be, but I'm so happy I clicked. 😂😂
  2. That sucks. I would say you're fine. I get that we need to be distancing as much as possible, but if I were in your shoes, I'd want to see my brother. I haven't seen my brothers since Jan 2019, and if I had a chance to see them and have a beer with them I'd take it.
  3. Nothing like when the na-na-nas start to really get the tears started..
  4. Last time I saw him my partner and I were the only ones in our section (arena show) dancing to this. Everyone around us was older and clearly were "shut up and play the hits" type people, but man. That was a great surprise. Only time out of the 6 I've seen him that he played it and we def enjoyed every second. Would love to have that in a festival setting where people would actually appreciate it. haha.
  5. I'm not sure that has a lot to do with it. It came on in summer here, I'm not sure how much the weather actually has to do with the spread. I think for us it's more about the amount of international acts on the roster of festivals here. If people can't get here, they can't play. Rescheduling now also buys them time to figure out the situation before having to make payments and orders for things. I work in entertainment marketing in Sydney and the past few working days has been nothing up keeping up with the onslaught of cancellations. Some events are postponing, but only a few have actua
  6. I live in Sydney and it's been mayhem here. I work at a small entertainment marketing company (Lasttix, obligatory plug) and we've spent all day today and Friday, and a bit over the weekend, trying to keep up with the flood of cancellations and postponements coming in. We've been told no marketing activity for the foreseeable future while we figure out what's going on. Now with Bluesfest and Vivid being cancelled, I'm legit concerned about the state of my job. We need the revenue from these events to stay afloat, and we always get a decent amount of content from BF, Vivid and Splendour to get
  7. From what I heard, South Korea (I believe) was doing door-to-door testing for this exact reason. They've done something insane like over 110,000 tests at this point.
  8. China has been on STRICT lockdowns since basically January. They're doing some crazy stuff which is way beyond what any western country would do, and it's still spreading.
  9. So, I had a friend who anticipated the Coachella postponement and knew that Golden Voice holds permits in events October and booked a hotel for that weekend in October just 2 days before the official announcement.... Do we know if Glastonbury holds a similar secondary permit for any other time of year? Because of weather I'd imagine if they postponed they'd have to do it in like September at the latest, right? We're coming from Australia and are seriously looking at the possibility of having to cancel our entire European trip (Rome > Paris > Amsterdam > London > Glaston
  10. I was having this conversation with my husband the other day. After SXSW cancelling I feel like it could make a lot of people unsure about Glasto. Selfishly hoping people unnecessarily panic and choose to forgo their tickets this year.
  11. This! We didn't even get that far during the on sale. But I'm def saving the rego numbers in as shortcuts now. What a good idea!
  12. Funnily enough I had a dream last night that I got tickets too. But in my dream it was the day before the festival and I had to fly from Australia last minute. 😂 At least I was going tho. Haha.
  13. All this talk about internet speeds has me thinking (and lamenting) about our shitty Australian WiFi speeds. If my husband and I are both trying at the same time (so between the two of us I think we had 3 devices each?) on the same WiFi, that theoretically slows us down, yes? What do you guys who live with a partner or roommate who you’re sharing the connection with get around this? Should we split up to different locations? Mind you, on sale time here is at like 3am, so places like libraries aren’t really an option. Just thinking out loud and who better to help me problem s
  14. Yes, thanks for doing the leg work on this! I also will be going for coach and regular resale. Fingers crossed I get lucky and can help others out! 🤞🏽
  15. oh wow, that's actually A LOT more than I thought. I can't believe so many people give up their tickets! I understand life gets in the way at times, but I just couldn't imagine. I've been trying to make this happen for literally over a decade now, I can't imagine getting a ticket and choosing/having to give it up.
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