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  1. Edit- I haven't had my breakfast yet, that was too snippy. 🤣
  2. I've just opened the app 5 times and have gotten five different results for where I am, and like I said earlier there's another smaller circle around my "location" that's usually the range of uncertainty (it's probably about 15m in diameter).
  3. Leyrulion


    Putting in 3 shops to replace 1 tractor doesn't sound like cost cutting.
  4. Even on your phone? It gives you a little circle of where you probably are, but in somewhere like Glastonbury that could be 1,000 people.
  5. Helpful for the crew bars as it gives you a general location. Always curious about how accurate the GPS is on the map, so whether you're actually in the area or not.
  6. 100%, it is a 10 year old memory but it was definitely after the search by the military and ticket scan (not that they actually scanned my ticket ironically). It wasn't in Westfield or anything like that.
  7. There was definitely a different gate to go through if you didn't fit in the turn styles, maybe it's that?
  8. I know they had to change the law for the shops during the Olympics as they didn't fall under the exemption. So if the Olympic merchandise store didn't fall under that exemption I'm not sure the co-op would. Anyway I'm sure they've probably calculated it to be 279.9m² to get away with it. Someone get the ruler out on Google earth. Edit: I'm also not an expert in this at all just curious!
  9. Which one of those do Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, Ziggy Marley, Diana Ross for into? 🤣
  10. Nope, can't think of any reason to do it tbh. I don't test for anything else, no reason to test for this.
  11. Tbf he's sort of right. There's been so much development in queer dance music and culture in the last 10 years that I do think they could change it up a bit. Wilderness had 1 small tent this year and it was such a success that they're bringing back an even bigger tent.
  12. I'm worried about those wheels, from the carpark to the gates there isn't much trackway and I'm not sure they'd hold up well in anything but bone dry conditions. If you've got a chance consider upgrading. Trolley looks solid though.
  13. Leyrulion


    In 2019 I woke up on the Friday morning incredibly hungover to the sound of jet engines. Scattering out of my tent I was just about able to gather the thought "shit, what if it's a terror attack" only to see the red arrows flying over head. They were incredibly loud.
  14. Leyrulion

    The Rabbit Hole..

    1. It's not that secret anymore, it's on the lineup and the map. There are two areas though. 2. No riddle needed for entry. Fwiw it was fun getting in and crawling round the stuff to get to the area, would recommend queuing for 15 mins if you can. But it's not really not worth wasting hours queuing for it.
  15. I mean... What do you think they're trying to do there...🤣 Might not be the word used recently but it's essential what's happening.
  16. The oppression is happening because of the silence imo. Simple fact is they're prioritising their own risk over others, we may all very well make the same decision in similar circumstances doesn't change that fact.
  17. I think some of these are on the conservative side but really good work! Other stage to Pyramid is an interesting one because it really depends which way you go. With the new map going from the left of the other to the pyramid is about 300m longer then the right.
  18. I use South Africa as the yard stick, many of these arguments were the same made then and they've been shown to be wrong over time. There isn't a way to make a nation state alter its actions without affecting those who agree with you.
  19. Oh I'd definitely be a Mark but we should all endeavour to be more like Jeremy. You'd also like to hope people with some public profile and influence would be more like Jeremy.
  20. MLK summed it up quite well "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." "There comes a time when silence is betrayal".
  21. 1,066 days since the gates closed, just 21 more until they open again...
  22. Of these "missing" ones these 9 have acts on the 2019 clashfinder for Wednesday but nothing on the official 2019 online schedule. HMS Sweet chariot and S.H.I.T.V seem to not be there this year. HMS Sweet chariot NYC Downlow Meat rack Rum shack Samula S.H.I.T.V Rocket lounge Deluxe diner Croissant neuf
  23. Access map first probably, crew map doesn't get leaked until the week of usually right?
  24. Has BBC 1 really never shown a Saturday night headliner? I'm amazed at that.
  25. A placebo work even if you know it's a placebo. Although I'll be sticking to dioralyte.
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