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  1. Unfortunately a 5 year old OS is a life time in phones now, it's android 13 being released in a few months.
  2. Tbh probably a good thing, drawing the electorate from a bigger area means it's less likely that hyper local issues could swing a councillor's vote.
  3. Leyrulion


    Are the weather thread panicking again?
  4. Is the park stage getting screens? Could that give a hint of who the secret act might be?
  5. I would absolutely book coaches TODAY. They'll be gone pretty quick there will still be some services "The BBC understands the action will leave around a fifth of mainline rail services running on the strike days, with the majority operating for a maximum of 12 hours."
  6. Fuck the bosses ruining a festival because they won't support workers with job security and decent pay.
  7. Surely one of those that'd be too big for a secret set. The killers were just about manageable from the crowd but putting Adele on could cause a serious crush risk.
  8. Hopefully puts some pressure on to give them a decent pay deal! I assume it'll be similar to tube strikes where the next day is mostly written off as well whilst things are moved around.
  9. Maybe I'm just being slow then, I can't figure out how you select the acts you're going to see on the mobile version?
  10. I wish he'd take up mobile development as a hobby. 🤣 Obviously still appreciate the site.
  11. So much better than clashfinder for the schedule, no idea why clash finder hasn't got a decent mobile interface.
  12. I know, it's a bit ridiculous. As long as it's out by the Tuesday before the festival I'll be happy! I know they don't have to make an app either, although it's pretty standard these days for most festivals.
  13. Dodgems. Do I want whiplash on the Thursday...🤣
  14. Leyrulion


    The amount of people seemingly using other people's tickets to get in really does make a mockery of the idea that e-tickets would increase touting. But no I can't help you pal.
  15. Is your outter layer pegged correctly over the inner? Might have skipped a loop or something?
  16. Soon I'd say. Mobile is arguably now safer than paper tickets for touts, smart phone usage is incredibly high and costs associated with mobile will keep going down, whereas postage keeps going up. If they need to raise more income turning some of that £10 postage fee into ticket income could help keep any other price increase reasonable.
  17. Leyrulion


    Someone earlier said on site CCTV during the build, and maybe during. After seeing the close up it looks more like a signal repeater, maybe for radios?
  18. Leyrulion


    It's also 4 days earlier than in 2019, so even further behind possibly. I'm sure they'll pull it out, well they have to.
  19. Leyrulion


    Yeah that's the working theory atm
  20. Unfairly imo. Some of the map functionality is shite but the schedule is really quite good. It'll send you a push message 15 minutes before your next act is on and show your personalised schedule. Much better mobile interface then clashfinder as well. I don't remember it being essential to have it.
  21. One of the things they stress at Oxfam is you're not security staff, so you really shouldn't be chasing any runners. Obviously you hear stories of super keen volunteers doing it sometimes but if I was on the gate I certainly wouldn't be doing any running. I wouldn't know what to do if I caught up to them. 🤣
  22. Now we can debate whether long grass does help the ground dry out faster, had never really thought about it before.
  23. Using it for precise location (3mx3m) or getting them close enough to be able to find themselves (e.g. within 4 w3w "boxes")?
  24. This was my plan all along, Sunday afternoon karaoke. 🤣 At least Rid Stewart isn't there, he was truly awful.
  25. That is quite the commitment tbf, I hadn't thought of doing that!
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