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  1. Wednesday at about 10ish. There's actually 2 or 3 phoenix's in the fields adjoining the stone circle to split the crowds, all with a great fireworks view.
  2. If names start pulling out they'll either bump people up the order and/or backfill with acts they've already got on standby to come in at the last minute (my theory of why Melvin from festival Republic was brought on board, to help get access). That's it, mild inconvenience for attendees who have to rejigging schedules, bad for the acts who feel ill but there won't be anything worse than that.
  3. Thinking about it I very much doubt we'd get it, and tbh I'm not sure I'd want to see it. It's actually quite a big security risk if that level of detail leaks. I'm thinking more counter terror rather than fence jumping. You know, to keep the mood light.
  4. We need someone who has access to the build map...
  5. For me it's similar to the tolerance paradox. To be tolerant you have to be intolerant of intolerance. Similar here. As for other boycotts it's a grim reality that done are more politically acceptable than others.
  6. Me sat here thinking " I don't remember there being any food stalls near there".
  7. Yeah, close off the whole area with stewards/gates and you've got the tent and plenty of spill over space if needed. As well as another route around to the pyramid.
  8. The new layout actually looks to me like it could be closed off relatively easily for BBC introducing...
  9. Would the 1.3mm predicted (over 69% of the Pilton area) on the Wednesday be enough to do this? How much is needed to start the M*d turning into a bath?
  10. Leyrulion


    Looks like most of the main time consuming infrastructure is in (power, sanitation, water etc). Most of the stuff still to go up doesn't take too long. Oh also factor in that when everyone arrives on Wednesday the build is still very much ongoing for the main stages. That surprised me the first year.
  11. Different layout, you can't take it into the arena so have the ballache of sneaking it in
  12. They weren't selling crates but you could pick up and buy a whole tray. Prices from 2019 £1.10 for a 330ml can means it cost about £6.60 for the equivalent of a 2L bottle. And coke has shot up in price recently (£2.20+ for 2L bottle not on discount near me). So definitely worth bringing some of your own mixer in.
  13. Maybe the artist wristband is different to a regular wristband? You only need one not both?
  14. Nothing particularly new or notable as far as I can tell that isn't on the main map?
  15. Reduced compared to what it was yes, but my challenge is the assumption that moving to a mobile ticket system will lead to increased touting. I'm sure they can do electronic ticketing in a way that keeps touting at or below the current level and improves the customer experience.
  16. I'd be really interested if someone tried to do a study on this, my theory is that the photo drives a lot of the touting through less obvious routes but it still happens. Would be interesting to actually know how much.
  17. Mobile technology and security has come on so much I'm not sure it's a particularly fair comparison. Smart phones hadn't even been invented then. Edit: you didn't say pre super fence, but I did check and the iPhone was invented the year photo tickets were introduced.
  18. Do we know it actually stop touting? There have been plenty of threads in here over the last few weeks of people asking to buy tickets and many stories of people using others tickets to get in as the paper photos aren't really checked that much. The scanners would possibly only be a one time investment, and you could contract it out to a company that has them. If they can deliver a mobile system that's cheaper than sending about 80-100,000 tickets by £10 a pop special delivery they'd be saving money.
  19. Freeze it before you go. Space blanket around the cooler.
  20. I always thought TBC was they 90% know who it is but they haven't 100% committed yet so can't "confirm". TBA was they know who it is but for whatever reason (tour, other fests) can't say yet.
  21. Not impossible. John Peel 2-3pm 50 minute helicopter to London 90 minute flight Heathrow to Hamburg 15 minute drive to Hamburg Arena Door are at 7, show start probably 9pm (8BST). Not impossible but pretty unlikely.
  22. Leyrulion


    Nah, more done than last time in certain areas. E.g. Pyramid. Less work in others e.g. Arcadia and silver Hayes and glade. It'll be fine. Would love to see the project plan though. 🤓
  23. Actually surprised that it hasn't sold out and there's still weekend tickets available as of right now.
  24. Leyrulion


    Take the middle cardboard out, fits much better.
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