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  1. 9 years ago though, maybe you were the spark to introduce a procedure
  2. You can't compare the album to a live show for an electronic act like bicep. lt's a very different experience. Try watching some of the live stuff on YouTube to help decide.
  3. I'm also fuming at the thought of this person that signed for them trying to sneak into Glastonbury for free now or having made £280 from someone else willing to take the risk
  4. Tbh this is prime press fodder. Post a sad pic and say Glastonbury have been completely uncooperative and "stolen" £300 with no offer of refund or reissue of tickets.
  5. What would happen if he just turned up at the box office when it's quitened down, with print outs, and threw himself on their mercy? Any chance they could be flexible (in a we didn't do this, don't tell anyone sort of way). People are probably sick of me saying it but mobile ticketing would be better, and IMO the technology exists now to make it even harder to tout than paper tickets.
  6. Boomtown source is your best place for rumours. https://boomtownsource.com/boomtown-line-up-2022/#more-1683
  7. Same as loos tbh. Peak times a wait, maybe 20 mins max, outside that just walk in and out
  8. Leyrulion


    Don't forget when we get on site there's still two full days of build for the main stages. That's a lifetime in event management.
  9. I think there's a point, it certainly doesn't feel like there are 30,000 non white people there when you're wondering around.
  10. Leyrulion


    I was only ever in there for 40 minutes which was probably the perfect time to see it, think it was cool and then go to the SE corner. Friends who stayed for hours were less keen.
  11. The opposite of a bargain, was looking for a decent 2l collapsible water bottle and I know platypus is a good brand. Currently £78 on Amazon 💀 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Platypus-040818076019-Platy-Bottle-2L/dp/B000J2KEGY/
  12. Don't ask, don't get!
  13. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/contact/press/ Good luck for 2023, too late for this year.
  14. Leyrulion

    Food prices

    The £5 thing is one of the key bits of the festival ethos though that make it different. It just about makes it a bit more accessible for everyone. Whether that should still be £5 or should now be £6/£7.50 I dunno but it not being entirely about blatently making as much money as possible is part of the charm.
  15. Leyrulion

    Love the farm?

    I'm the opposite, prefer to use after a bloke tbh. In my completely unscientific opinion they tend to leave it cleaner.
  16. Leyrulion

    Love the farm?

    Use the Guardian tote bag, if they still do it, to hold empties during sets and drop off at the end. Or another bag. I usually use the front of my day sack, which is quite funny when someone's been in and tried to open it only to find empty cans.
  17. Leyrulion


    What are spot pods?
  18. Leyrulion

    Love the farm?

    Why would they clean up and leave a tent? It was a lot better in 2019, there is still rubbish so it's not perfect (e.g. fairly sure this isn't Oxlyers) but I'm not entirely sure why others are holding up 5+ year old videos and assuming it's still the same. Admittedly this is only the 3rd festival in the last 6 years so will be interesting to see how much attitudes have changed.
  19. 🤷‍♂️ end of a five day bender, I'm happy for some disco karaoke. The sound was messed up for a lot of the acts for the jubilee concert tbh, not quite sure what happened to production. You'd hope they'd sort that for Glastonbury and she won't have to mine.
  20. Some of the fields are used for crops, it's not just all grazing apparently so the fields will have been turned over relatively recently.
  21. Only for access customers.
  22. No, it was something like 7am-3am
  23. From whoever gave the Arcadia leak back in Jan I think. The rest of the names were good.
  24. Platform 23 have "Secret Headliner" on the Sunday. Unsure if that's the artists name. 🤣
  25. Yup received, all set for the 20 minutes notice to run to John Peel for Harry styles
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