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  1. US Tour in Autumn 2020 I read it somewhere on reddit some weeks ago!
  2. Me too, but that's because we purchased the FNAC pack. I meant the wristband of those who purchased the general ticket. What about Pearl Jam??? I've just seen that they're announced for Werchter.
  3. I think they'll announce the missing headliners this month (probably next week), and the last one will right before they start sending the wristbands! So... for headliners we have: The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arcade Fire, My Chemical Romance, Tame Impala,...?
  4. Peace, please :___ we're here to discuss mad cool! Do you guys think that we're getting an announcement tomorrow then??
  5. Me too! I mean, I do think that MCR is aaaaaaalmost official, but I won't trust 100% any source until Mad Cool announces them...
  6. They were, and I'm sure that it was true. But they ended up deciding to play primavera, that's all.
  7. Idk, I don't think that it's the same people but let's see what happens!! I read somewhere that Mad Cool didn't like reggaeton/electrolatino/whatever, so I wouldn't expect Bad Bunny/J Balvin/C Tangana/... to be there 😕 As for the announcement, maybe on monday?? next week for sure.
  8. lol MCR would 100% be headlining this. Every time I check any tweet made by Mad Cool there's a bunch of people asking for them as headliners. Well, almost everyone actually. (me included) Lots of my friends are actually waiting for them to be announced so they can get the tickets for Friday. They totally deserve that headlining spot. And I really hope they'll be there. As for Liam Gallagher, I don't think so. I think he would've been announced by now...
  9. I know someone who is well connected and told me that MCR is 100% headlining Mad Cool, so... WHAT'S THE TRUTH.
  10. when do u think that the next announcement is gonna be?
  11. Some agents like Mad Cool, some others like Primavera 😕 it's sad but idk, I couldn't picture The Strokes playing Mad Cool at all, I think they're more “PS material”. As for them headlining both festivals... nah, I can't see that happening. Mad Cool had them, they lost them bc of whatever reason, and Primavera got them. That's all. I'm sure we'll get good headliners for friday tho, we just have to be (more) patient (which I clearly am not, but.)
  12. RHCP and MCR would be a dream for me and my brother tbh... I would expect an announcement this friday! Maaaaaaaaybeeeeeee.
  13. So the rumors were true after all... bye bye The Strokes. That would explain why they haven't announced the headliners for friday yet 😕 I honestly don't know what band could have replaced them (I don't even know if they already have a replacement or they're still looking for it) I think I'm sad.
  14. I think it ends at 4:30 a.m or so! Don't worry about missing the last bus tho, I think the shuttle buses will be running until 1 or 2 hours after the last concert
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