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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but knowing that the city gives them A LOT OF MONEY for the making of the festival... their insurance should be really good, right????
  2. I don't know. Different artists, different situations. It depends on what happens with the other festivals run by live nation, because they can't postpone their dates unless the other festivals do too... Which is 100% sure is that Mad Cool will wait until the government make them cancel the festival because they wouldn't lose money that way.
  3. Mad Cool gets most of its money from the city. Trust me, if it's money related, the festival will survive.
  4. As a spanish who is living this: yes, it is awful. A real nightmare. And to be honest I don't even care about future concerts/festivals anymore... I just want this to be fully over so we can get back to our “normal” lives again. (That's IF we can get back to our normal lives bc this will change all of us for sure) Spain is cancelling big gatherings up to July so yes this is a matter of when. Be safe and stay home please 🙏🏻 ❤️
  5. yep, this is true. I'm just speaking from Mad Cool's perspective, it doesn't mean that I think they shouldn't cancel. At this point, I've even planned what I'm gonna do with the money... I'm worried about that tho, because I'm one of those who got the fnac pack and, giving the moral of the festival and fnac, I'm afraid that they wouldn't give my money back just because it also had a bottle for water, and some other useless stuff.....
  6. The reason why Glastonbury cancelled its edition is: Mad Cool wouldn't have that issue. Like, I think it doesn't look good (because the situation is worsening and controlling this virus is more important than these festivals, of course), but Mad Cool (and other festivals) don't need to work on the field as much as Glastonbury. That's why they haven't cancelled anything... yet. Spanish Government said that this situation would go on for months, from 2 to 4. Best case scenario? 2 months, and Mad Cool would still be happening. 4 months and it wouldn't.
  7. Spanish government is acting quickly, at least i'm a bit positive now. No one is going to school/university, and Madrid will probably be all closed starting next week to avoid more infections (like, only supermarkets, drug stores and places like that will be open, just like Italy). I can't see this situation going forward up to July, that would be insane...
  8. Me too, but they said yesterday that it's still happening. I guess it depends on what happens next month...
  9. https://www.crazyminds.es/reportajes/como-afecta-el-coronavirus-a-los-festivales-en-espana/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&amp So... Crazyminds talked to Mad Cool and they basically said that the festival is still happening. We have nothing to be worried about... for now.
  10. Concerts are being cancelled in Madrid now, since there has been an increase in the number of cases... I don't think that we'll be like this in July, but keep in mind that, if the situation doesn't get better in a couple of months, they'll probably cancel the festival. I'll keep you all informed!!
  11. They aren't cancelling concerts here for now + festivals take place in open spaces, the real problem would be concerts in closed spaces. I'm not worried at all! + coronavirus apparently doesn't survive high temperatures so...
  12. In my opinion (and I have to listen to the others just in case I like them, but I will def see these bands/artist if the clashes let me): wednesday: sam fender, yungblud, the regrettes thursday: sigrid, charli xcx, phoebe bridgers, refused, finneas, pale waves friday: tones and I, nothing but thieves, frank carter and the rattlesnakes, black pumas saturday: kali uchis, the rapture, tom misch, the struts, arlo parks I haven't added artists from the loop because I only know Diplo.
  13. Very very very low, actually. They're probably saying that so people don't sell the tickets they bought when they thought that the headliners were The Strokes and Red Hot Chili Peppers or just one of them + Royal Blood. Like "hang on!! don't do anything!! MORE SURPRISES ARE COMING". Spoiler alert: They are selling them anyway. The actual surprise: THESE 9 SMALL BANDS THAT YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ARE BEING ADDED!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  14. new added bands, I guess! It says: In the absence of the talent bands and some last minute surprises, the line-up is full. So we can expect those talent bands and last minutes surprises being announced in the following months. But, again, don't expect anything huge just in case...
  15. It says that there's gonna be some last minute surprises I'm- So I guess the line-up isn't fully closed, but don't expect anything great, just in case. They will probably add some names to day 1.
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