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  1. Just bumping this because its happening next week and there are still a few tickets left.
  2. A very small, very independent one day festival in the South Wales Valleys announced its line up last night. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are headlining with Saint Agnes, Wych Elm, Panic Shack and CLT DRP on the bill too. Only 20 bucks for a ticket too. It should be a good one!
  3. My very brief thoughts on what I saw. The Cool Greenhouse After the long queue to get in I'm glad I chose these over Yard Act. Funny, catchy and just right to go along with a beer in the sun. 8/10 PVA I remember really enjoying their set at the time but kept forgetting that I had actually seen them throughout the weekend. 7/10 Horseman & The Uppercut Band They were alright, not a band that I would particularly rush to see again or buy any of their stuff but it passed time quite enjoyably. 6/10 Workingmen's Club I had big hopes for these before the festival and I had been listening quite a lot recently. The set was good but maybe didn't live up to my expectations, could have been due to the on stage problems. A lot of people I spoke to were raving about them though so may have just been me. 6.5/10 Nuha Ruby Ra I only caught the beginning of her set but really liked what I heard. I know she won the Rising competition but I would have preferred to have seen her somewhere more intimate and darker. 8/10(for the bit I was there for) JOHN The first of my must see bands for the weekend. Like the proverbial can of Cuprinol, they do exactly what they say on the tin: fast, loud, aggressive, all called John. I enjoyed it but I'd like to have a bit more light and shade throughout the set, it got a bit one dimensional after a while. 7/10 Big Joanie The second of my 'must sees'. A set of two halves this one with the second half being a lot better than the first. I'm not sure if it was a bit of a dodgy mix on the sound or if they just chose a few of their plodders to open up with but it took a while for them to get going. 6/10 Wu-Lu A hat-trick of must sees. I loved their looseness and the way they switched from super-chill to super-aggressive and back again. A 30 minutes set may have suited them better to concentrate their stronger material. 7/10 Los Bitchos A nice change of pace from what I had already seen. Happy music for happy people. 7/10 Nadine Shah The last of my must sees for the day. Brilliant performance, she looked like she belonged on a stage that size. 8.5/10 Ibibio Sound Machine My stamina was starting to wane at this point after a few too many Growlers. I just remember that it was a lot emptier than the crowd had been for Greentea Peng when we arrived. 5/10 because I don't remember much of it Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon Could have been the best set of the weekend but my body gave up on me and I fell asleep sometime after War Pigs. 7/10 for playing War Pigs. Peaness Nice, wholesome pop music. A bit too twee for me. 7/10 Peggy Sue I don't know if it was the hangover or the sound but I struggled to hear them so struggled to get into them. 5.5/10 Newdad After taking some time to recuperate from the previous night's excess some jangly-guitar based indie-pop was a nice way to ease back into things. 6/10 Sinead O'Brien I enjoyed the arty-talking-pop but she may need a few lessons in crowd interaction. 7/10 BC Camplight Yes to bouncy, synthy stuff! No to drawn out introspection! 8/10 for the synthy stuff 5/10 for the rest. The Orielles My first 'must see' of the day and another must see that was slightly underwhelming. I don't know if I had been building bands up too much in my mind but I found them particularly 'meh'. 5/10 Black Midi Finally a must see band that not only lived up to expectations but totally blew them out of the water and beyond the stratosphere. One of, and possibly even the best live shows I've seen. Complex, challenging, fun, irreverent, mimes, smoking jackets and slippers. It had everything! 10/10 Do Nothing I went to catch some of their set before Mogwai, sadly Black Midi had just ruined all music for me so I didn't enjoy them quite as much as I would have done if they had played a couple of hours earlier. Still good though. 7/10 Mogwai Just what I needed to bring me down from a Black Midi high. The moon rising couldn't have been timed any better. Loved them. 9/10 Speedboat Yes to the Devo-y/Rezillos-y type stuff! No to the smooth Terence Trent D'Arby 80s pop type stuff! 8/10 for the Devo style bits 4/10 for the rest. The Golden Dregs Really cool stuff and great on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We couldn't quite pick out whose voice the singer's sounded like. We ruled out Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Neil Hannan and John Spencer before giving up. Any one know who it is? 8/10 Crack Cloud Some really interesting ideas I wasn't blown away though. 7/10 Panic Shack Amazing! Pure, unbridled fun from the first song to the last. 10/10 Snapped Ankles A lot, lot better live than on record. Lots of bouncy synths, costumes, people in costumes planted in the crowd, what's not to like? 8/10 We Are the Robots Kraftwerk tribute in the Round the Twist tent. A guy with some mannequins playing Kraftwerk songs, I loved everything about it. 9/10 Dream Wife I didn't know much about them other than "Hey Heartbreaker". Totally blew me away and are now one of my favourite new bands. 10/10 Gwenno My fifth time seeing Gwenno and probably my least enjoyable - it could have been due to a post Dream Wife high though. 4/10 Will and the People Didn't know anything about them, I probably wouldn't buy any of their stuff and can't imagine going to see them specifically. But they were perfect band to close the festival out with. Fun, upbeat, a mix of styles. Loved it. 9/10 The Food A bit hit and miss. Crispy Duck Fries were a hit, the tartiflette from Le Grand Bouffe on the last night was inedible!! The Toilets The less said about them the better. The Grog Cracking, the queues weren't too bad for the most part although I always seemed to get stuck behind a group of 7 who wouldn't decide what they want to drink until they got to the till and would spend forever deciding what they want.
  4. In 2019 after it had properly pissed down on the Friday (it was a yellow weather warning if I remember rightly) it got a bit muddy outside the Courtyard by the toilets, on the way into the Walled Garden and going into Babbling Tongues. Other than that I don't remember it being that bad.
  5. Usually keeps going until 4am I think
  6. My must sees are (in the order they are playing): JOHN Big Joanie Wu-Lu Nadine Shah Afro Cluster The Orielles Black Midi Do Nothing Mogwai Panic Shack Snapped Ankles I’m hoping to see: PVA Working Men’s Club Nuha Ruby Ra Modern Woman Sister Wives Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Tiña Boy Azooga Los Bitchos Goat Girl Ibibio sound Machine Sinead O’Brien Gruff Rhys Liz Lawrence Hen Ogledd The Golden Dregs Blood Wizard Crack Cloud Porridge Radio Dream Wife Fontaines DC Gwenno Loads more that I wouldn’t mind catching but it would probably be quicker to say who I’m not interested in seeing.
  7. If you look at the detailed forecast on BBC where it says it’s going to be raining all day on Saturday it actually says that there’s a low chance of precipitation. They must be taking a scattergun approach to forecasting, “it’s going to rain at some point so if we just say it’s raining all day we’re bound to get it right at some point.”
  8. This is just the weather gods toying with us and I am still fully expecting them to be suitably angered over the next week to punish us with heavy rain localised entirely over the Glanusk Estate.
  9. I think you’ll find that as we get closer to the 19th that those spells of unsettled weather primarily in the northwest and short-lived thundery spells in southeastern parts will actually all be localised over the Crickhowell area for a 4 day period. Accuweather knows the score 😂
  10. Great, shouldn’t be an issue at 12pm on Thursday then. I’ll save myself £2.50 👍
  11. Another question. How likely is it that the Orange Car Park will fill up? I received my tickets today and suddenly realised that I didn’t book parking for reasons that were relevant 2 years ago but not so much now. Just went to book parking online and works out more expensive to book in advance than to pay on the gate but not sure I want to take the risk.
  12. I’m going to the festival with my brother this year but he can’t get the Thursday off work so we will be travelling separately. He only lives 20 minutes away, so am I right in thinking that if he gets a lift over that he can get dropped off at the A40 entrance and walk across the bridge with a castle on it and go through the box office there?
  13. Favourite song by an artist that has played Green Man: Skeleton Painting - Avi Buffalo (because I have been playing it constantly since January) Favourite song from an artist on this year’s line up that you think people might not have heard: Ghost Printer - John A song you like from a band that would be great on the rising stage: Less Jools More Top of the Pops - Slime City Best song you’ve heard at GM: Last year was my first year so pick anything from Eels' set, honourable mentions to GnT - Pigsx7 and Bonfire - The Big Moon Song you are/were most looking forward to hearing: Lose the Baby - Tropical Fuck Storm
  14. I think its only a matter of time before this gets cancelled now, even if the restrictions start to be lifted during the summer I can't see a situation where 20,000 people will be able to congregate together in a field.
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