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  1. Is there any info to say he might?
  2. Ewan McVicar confirming, hopefully playing multiple sets over the weekend
  3. Have you tried ticketysplit? Cheaper but may mean a couple of transfers. https://ticketysplit.trainsplit.com/
  4. Annie Mac confirming. Do we reckon it’s still Pangea?
  5. Annie Mac confirming!
  6. Just been tae Bonobo gig here in Toronto, met Simon afterwards and asked him where he was playing at glasto. Friday night west holts apparently. He didnae say whether he was headlining or not.
  7. This 100%! Followed by Carboot Soul
  8. Celeste confirming West Holts June 25 @5.30
  9. Hoping Kae Tempest will be in the full line up
  10. Probably means Khurangubin on the Fri or Sat too.
  11. New WOD single, just before album drops Friday.
  12. Booked Bristol Air BnB for the Tues/Weds before and Monday after. Mint!
  13. No need for concern, this news reports from September 2020
  14. Cani beat a bit of the ‘groover from Vancouver’
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