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  1. Got to be a live streamed event, hasn't it? Buy a ticket for the stream, probably for something on what would have been Glastonbury weekend. Too early for the September event probably, plus the name #liveatworthyfarm Either way, great to have something on the horizon!
  2. Aye, was quite the party he had, still recovering today. #55
  3. It varies from Province to Province. In Ontario (most populated province), they announced that over 60's should be done by end July, which is shockingly slow and I honestly think it will be done way before then. The Federal Government (Justin Trudeau) has promised all people who want a vaccine will be done by September. Whether that means fully inoculated or just one shot who knows. Vaccine roll out over here has been shocking slow so far.
  4. I live in Toronto and although the vaccine committee does not recommend it in over 65's (contrary to Health Canada's advice), it's completely up to the individual provinces which age group they decide to give it to.
  5. https://parklife.uk.com/?fbclid=IwAR1vFu4L90bVgkSyqK87UIdbxBG7bd9VENvbckI4l3qNHefZxYa1sOwGOlQ Parklife been rescheduled to September
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