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  1. 3 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    I think he will headline the other on the Saturday.

    Chase and Status headlined the other and played Arcadia after. I don’t think Calvin will be coming over for just one set, especially in the middle of an Ibiza residency. He’d have to be taking a crazy paycut.

    I also think there will be a dance headliner. When was the last time the Other stage didn’t have one?

    Yeah I've also thought this since the love regenerator rumours on arcadia. Reckon the other side will be crowd pleases. Arcadia more of the serious stuff 

  2. I always see the same acts mentioned on here and people are gutted if they aren't playing even though they've played multiple times already. E. G. Chemical brothers I dont get the excitement about them playing as they are there pretty much every year but people still lose their shit

    What's with the excitement of seeing the same acts every year? 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Zacko said:

    God I fucking love Calibre. Some of his productions absolutely blow my mind.

    A personal favourite:


    His essential mix is one of my favourites 

  4. On 4/21/2022 at 1:15 PM, steviewevie said:

    I had plantar fasciitis for a few years...really frustrating injury...and one stretch that worked for me quite well was actually the opposite of most, where instead of stretching sole of foot by pulling toes upwards, you actually stetch the top of the foot by pulling toes down. Maybe it's crap and I was just coming to end of the injury anyway...but maybe worth a try. Also, important to stretch calf muscles daily.

    what you're doing there is loading the plantar fascia rather than just stretching it which is actually pretty important and often neglected. Ill pretty much always prescribe toe curls along with the stretches

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  5. 3 hours ago, Wanderlei said:

    I'm new to the dance scene. I recently got into it because my baby likes it. She bounces like crazy when she hears a good beat 😅 I don't know many acts from the Silver Hayes lineup. Can anyone recommend 3 or 4 entry level standout acts? Cheers in advance 🙂👍

    Giant swan

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  6. 3 hours ago, a6l6e6x said:

    Architects seem like a great fit for me, seeing them next weekend for the 50th time or something 

    I really dislike while she sleeps, the only artist I've blocked on Spotify as they keep appearing on my playlists. Never understood how they are so popular 

    Didn't realise code orange were around in June, will check that out 

    Would like to see some names from slam dunk appear like electric callboy, caskets, Spanish love songs, nova twins 

    Also agree deftones are the absolute dream on other 

    Stick for architects. Just for impermenance alone 

  7. 1 minute ago, Deaf Nobby Burton said:

    After watching his Coachella set Fred Again please… Actually got the yanks to move a bit.

    I would love it but would be concerned about placement for a live set. Maybe if silver Hayes has a bigger stage this year? 

  8. Yeah good points but I caught it and I think was under one tent all weekend (sides still open), didn't use any shuttle buses, drove down and I still managed to catch it. 

  9. 44 minutes ago, cheesey_toastie said:

    Not really. Most of Glastonbury Festival is in a giant field. Open air. The tents don't really get going until Friday and even then they are open sided and air will be flowing. 

    The travel down is probably the biggest risk - older coaches - some I've been on the air con didn't work and who knows if it's set to just recirculate. 

    But I am very much of the opinion it will be up to everyone to make their own choices. I certainly won't be judging anyone that chooses to do one or the other. 

    Boardmasters last year would suggest otherwise 

  10. 1 hour ago, joeltg said:

    I finally had a response from the bank, these are facts below:

    I have the banks transaction number, merchants number, total amount, and the ref telephone number (01159). They have also categorically told me that the transaction was authorised and accepted @ 9:22.45.

    I took a photo the second I had processing payment (9.22), with a countdown of 4 mins left to send to my group. 

    So if these tickets had been allocated to me then they were there and available at the time and not sold out....

    Never have I fought so hard for a vendor to take my payment, unfair I feel. 


    Sucks doesn't it. See have just stopped replying to me

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