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  1. I don't mean to be derogatory towards PKP and the visitors, as I visited the festival several times myself. I wanted to explain the average visitor of PKP has changed. It's not the 'die hard' nicheguy anymore, hanging out at the boiler room dancing on techno 24/7. It's a more allround music fan going from one genre to another, not caring about boxes. Some are more mainstream, some more into the alternative styles still available at PKP (i agree). I state that this is a shift in the philosophy of the festival (going from multiple niche audiences to more allround music fans) and this was on
  2. GMM has always booked a fair amount of punk & hardcorebands. In my view, PKP is simply following musical trends and this particular scene has become less popular, certainly among youngster. Also, popular punkish music has shifted a bit towards a more indie-ish approach (Equal Idiots, The Chats, Viagra Boys..) This can change off course (f.e. Machine Gun Kelly wrote a poppunk song) and in that case, PKP will follow. Let us remember that PKP isn't the alternative music festival anymore where different sub & countercultures come together and celebrate. Instead, it tends to serve a
  3. The whole hardcore/punkrockscene is going through rough times, with Groezrock kind of broke & Ieperfest downsized and needing crowdfunding. I think PKP saw these red flags well so they cancelled the Shelter and booked even more dance/hiphop instead. This was probably a wise decision. However, I do understand Johny that Belgian festivals are missing a lot of great bands because they tour in August and we don't have a good festival to welcome them (Brackrock doesn't book the class A acts & Alcatraz is not the right festival for these bands). As for PKP, bands such as Rise Ag
  4. Well, Dour Festival is doing a pretty good job isn't it? Off course, booking big headliners is the easiest way to increase ticket sales, but there are obviously more factors. In the case of PKP, I think it's hard for the festival to take a step back because they've created certain expectations. I think PKP can survive without the major headliners, but than they have to reinvent themselves a bit (f.e. focussing more on certain target audiences) , not just taking the top layer off.
  5. Can we expect an oversupply of headliners this summer?
  6. It's probably not possible to postpone a festival like RW 2020, because of the fixed tour dates. Cancellation seems most likely, I assume you will get a refund for those tickets. A smaller option is that RW will still go on with drastic line-up changes & downsized.
  7. Are these links reliable? I can already buy the tickets?? Ticket Link 1 Ticket Link 2
  8. Going to order tickets for RATM tomorrow. What's up with the Golden Circle thing? Is this really necessary and how much extra will this cost?
  9. The Offspring is playing Graspop. I think we can expect another strong name on Thursday, but not an act who could be co-headliner such as Tame Impala.
  10. I understand Volbeat is very popular in Germany, but they won't close a day at Rock Werchter. Most likely sub.
  11. Well done Maybe some remarks - Tyler is already booked for friday-saturday-sunday. - Off course, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon & RHCP are also huge contenders (but off course, the list isn't complete). - I don't expect GNR to add more tour dates after June 27 - I don't think Nina Kraviz and Refused are good fits for RW, but I hope so. We'll see!
  12. Not really true. I saw them 2 years ago at Dour Festival, the main stage was filled with -35 year olds & the atmosphere was better than RW 2015. However, I do agree that Rock Werchter will give preference to acts such as Flume & Disclosure these days. The CB have lost momentum a bit.
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