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  1. Are these links reliable? I can already buy the tickets?? Ticket Link 1 Ticket Link 2
  2. Going to order tickets for RATM tomorrow. What's up with the Golden Circle thing? Is this really necessary and how much extra will this cost?
  3. The Offspring is playing Graspop. I think we can expect another strong name on Thursday, but not an act who could be co-headliner such as Tame Impala.
  4. I understand Volbeat is very popular in Germany, but they won't close a day at Rock Werchter. Most likely sub.
  5. Well done Maybe some remarks - Tyler is already booked for friday-saturday-sunday. - Off course, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon & RHCP are also huge contenders (but off course, the list isn't complete). - I don't expect GNR to add more tour dates after June 27 - I don't think Nina Kraviz and Refused are good fits for RW, but I hope so. We'll see!
  6. Not really true. I saw them 2 years ago at Dour Festival, the main stage was filled with -35 year olds & the atmosphere was better than RW 2015. However, I do agree that Rock Werchter will give preference to acts such as Flume & Disclosure these days. The CB have lost momentum a bit.
  7. Not 100% on topic, but what about Groezrock?
  8. In my opinion, Thom will play Barn (late evening) for sure. Not certain if he will clash with SOAD, as I expect a second headliner on main stage that day.
  9. Yes, I think 21 Pilots is a bit underestimated here and will co-headline.
  10. Also: ASAP Rocky Belgian exclusive @ Dour Festival. And 3 coheadliners would be the first time in history Concerning Belgian bands: let's say RHEA, Tessa Dixson, Mooneye, Compact Disk Dummies & Black Box Revelation. Furthermore, maybe Bazart get's a main stage spot & Zwangere Guy can come back to play the main on saturday. Oscar & The Wolf also working on new material. Not sure which spot they would get. Were coheadliners at Pukkelpop in 2018, but the band really peaked back then. You should also reserve a slot for the winner of 'De Nieuwe Lichting', a music competition by national radio.
  11. A rather wild guess: dEUS? Belgian band, sold out 7x times AB in May this year and was sub for Pearl Jam in 2012.
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