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  1. Obviousluy guesses, but this week meeting and LG+PM poison😝
  2. Right now, as ever, nobody knows nothing... STROKES are not esay but not impossible at MC. LG + PM is poison for spaniards (and non) audiences (as headliners). LG wil be wellcomed as second liner, of course. Logically, a Big Name like BJORK or EMINEM would save the mess around Friday headlining. Awaiting news of ARCADE and TAME IMPALA, and Wilco, Royal Blood or Weezer as undercard I think at this moment they are more worried with municipality issue about 2021 edition. I heard they have a meeting this week, than with lineup trouble.
  3. I think in 2018 was 70-65% spanish 30-35% no Last year could be the non spaniards were aaprox 40% Eye impression only, non scientific
  4. Finally, and "funally", there are people who whispers words of wisdom in this mind acrobatic issue. MC got a helluva lineup, undercard deluxe, they sold out 4 days tickets in first week, they expected to close it with 2 strong headliners, people realized that they were Strokes & MCR, never confirmed by MC, the last is out definitely, the first remains definitely maybe. It,s 5 months to fill. An that,s all folks, keep in faith, don,t panic, life is wonderful, enjoy, and be sure that MC 2020 will be again a big party full of great music. Another thing is Vad Cool 2021😁...
  5. I expect the “hidden gem” theory will take ground in the actual scenario, in order to avoid usual suspects. In fact, I do not know what is the headlining status in other big festivals like Werchter, NOS or BBK, prefiguring a potential agreement to recruit bigfishes from obscurity...
  6. THAT,S THE POINT, MC never announced that combo, it,s all out of speculation, solid but plain speculation, it,s not bad, but don,t forget the reality, fellas. In fact: What about TRAVIS for MC?😁
  7. The free an frequent bus to PCastilla was one of the good surprises of MC19, even there was rumours about a subway opening all night in 8th line. But bus is enough to arrive in 30 minutes to Madrid. In order to Lineup integration, I, m also confident that STROKES finally will be incorporated, only inconvenient was suspect gossip about bad feelings between band an MC promoters, never confirmed. All the rest of leads (Lineup convenience, dates, NOS, Haim tease, etc) are favorable to Strokes heading to Friday first headliner at MC. It will be a relief for organizers, cause 2 headliners is dificult to find, even 6 months to Festival, and only one will be easier. I hope Tame Impala or Arcade Fire will enter the discussion, even PSB will be a sweet surprise as second headline, BBK embargo aside.. Also hope that solid bands like Wilco or Weezer could enter as undercards in the few spots remained. Let,s see...
  8. It's seem to me like reasonable info, ergo: 1- STROKES + MCR combo at MC2020 remains untouched 2 - 2021 will be an sparkling year, with FF and RHCP both obvious and welcomed targets for MC2021
  9. It seems like STROKES + MCR combo is ready to be delivered¡¡¡ ... rounding a awesome line up. My excitement raises from inexperience, precisely, they are two bands no easy to spot here¡¡¡¡ Once they will be announced the big question will be: What we do till july without gossip material? We are dangerously directed to flat boredom for 6 months, unless we,ll got started with timetables battles....
  10. MCR +: Strokes 20% RHCP 15% Tool 5% Extremoduro 5% Arcade Fire 5% Post Malone 10% Tame Impala 5% Eminem 5% Big Ticket TBA 30%
  11. Strokes at PS is a simple choice on money, don,t pay attention to Gabi,s army propaganda. Even don,t discount Strokes at MC... let,s see
  12. Right now, my wishes to complete the show will be: Headliners: RCHP + ARCADE FIRE playing full Funeral Secondliners: WEEZER + WILCO/MANIC But I think will be STROKES + MCR LUMINEERS + PAROV STELAR
  13. PLACEBO¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡, the band I was awiating for, and it left the 2 headliners for friday, what a Festival, my god¡¡¡¡¡
  14. I expect VIVA SUECIA to be announced, and it will be possible LORI MEYERS, IZAL even EXTREMODURO, let,s see
  15. I expect VIVA SUECIA to be announced, and it will be possible LORI MEYERS, IZAL even EXTREMODURO, let,s see
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