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  1. Notice a gap in dates?
  2. I haven’t gone back to read everything in thus thread, so sorry if this has been discussed. Is there going to be a completely different line up for 2021?
  3. I haven't read through this post, but the big gap in their tour announcement around Glastonbury dates....does this indicate they will be there do people think?
  4. Their show this year melted me. I was wrecked for days.
  5. I just noticed The Hives are playing festivals with a big gap during Glastonbury dates.
  6. I'm not gonna lie, I just had to google her.
  7. Addaloria

    2020 headliners

    I would love to see Idles back at the farm for 2020.
  8. Alanis has US dates booked for each of the Glastonbury nights. :(
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