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    Taylor Swift

    Guys I forgot about Style. Idk how it’s my top 5 songs from her lmao. So 18 songs then.
  2. getawaytarte

    Taylor Swift

    I was thinking about it lately and I came up with my dreamer up setlist for her festival set: 1. Ready for it? 2. Bad Blood 3. Dancing With Our Hands Tied 4. Blank Space 5. Delicate 7. Cruel Summer 6. You Belong With Me (But I want this remade in a way she did Love Story for the 1989 World Tour) 7. Love Story 8. Our Song (don’t care most people wouldn’t know it- it’s a banger) 9. Lover 10. Afterglow 11. WANEGBT 12. The Man 13. IKYWT 14. 22 15. Daylight/Red mashup 16. All too Well 17. Shake it Off I really think it balances out her hits with fan favourite. Obviously as it’s festival set and as she’s headliner I picked up what I believe GP would like and want to hear.
  3. getawaytarte

    Taylor Swift

    She sold more tickets for her Wembley shows than Beyoncé who had super packed stadium. It all depends how many sectors with obstructed view you have open, and if I recall correctly Taylor had quite of them? It’ll sell out in hours if not minutes lol. Last time she had sold 210k tickets in the UK, 120k in Ireland. Her shows in Berlin and France sold out instantly so you’ll also have people from there trying to snatch tickets.
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