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  1. Well we still need that one and a replacement for at least QOTSA.
  2. misterplow

    Kendrick Lamar

    I remember you was conflicted.
  3. Cave didn't cancel the fest did he? Can see him needing these shows with the Bad Seeds more than ever actually.
  4. I think he'll tour lots of festivals in 2023, rather than adding shows just 2 months beforehand. Excited for the new album though.
  5. You mean a King Of Limbs. Hope this band comes back with their A Moon Shaped Pool.
  6. You mean... a strumming acoustic guitar?
  7. Why? Excellent live band. Their last tour was phenomenal. And I'd love to hear Race & Religion live.
  8. Anthony Kiedis doing an Irish accent wants to have a blip bloop word with you.
  9. I like this album but it's too short. I want more.
  10. Swift is a waaaay bigger and especially more expensive name than QOTSA or FNM so that's not going to happen.
  11. Charli XCX is much bigger than Biffy Clyro though right now. And again: they're only big in the UK. Last time I saw them they played the Belgian Pukkelpop in front of an embarassingly small crowd.
  12. Not a very big band in Poland. This isn't the UK. 😉
  13. Still baffled that a beheaded Kasabian are headlining this thing.
  14. Was The Suburbs a creative album? Soms great songs, but not very creative. Oh, and I think this oen is good as well. Pretty focused album, but I may be in the minority of loving End Of the Empire. Race and Religion is the standout though.
  15. Primal Scream were horrible when I saw them in 2019 at Best Kept Secret. A band well past their prime.
  16. Daft Punk 68 Elton John 50 Kate Bush 20 (-10)
  17. Looks very same to the tour he did in 2016 when I saw him actually. Was a fun show but I hope his vocals are better because those were really really rough.
  18. That set of headliners would be incredible.
  19. Daft Punk 90 Depeche Mode 80 Elton John 80 Kate Bush 110 Nick Cave 70 (+10)
  20. Daft Punk 70 Depeche Mode 85 Elton John 35 Talking Heads 55 Kate Bush 80 Nick Cave 35 (+10)
  21. I think they'll wait until as close to the festival as possible before announcing stage times.
  22. Yeah the 2nd and 3rd one sealed the deal for my. I actually like their 1st one the least. new Pusha-T is great as well. On heavy rotation here.
  23. Daft Punk 91 Depeche Mode 109 Elton John 81 Rage Against the Machine 91 Pearl Jam 61 Talking Heads 99 Kate Bush 109 Taylor Swift 51 Nick Cave 109 (+10) Dua Lipa 91
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