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  1. Think I'll get tickets for this one after RW disappointing me with no Nick Cave and no Strokes.
  2. Sad that Low doesn't play the Nick Cave day.
  3. Will it's pretty clear is Nick Cave has a 'only headlining' thing going on next year. That's probably why he's out for Glasto, sadly.
  4. Nick Cave and Tame Impala please.
  5. That Nick Cave day. Sweet Jesus lord. Last time he brought out Kylie at APE as well, didn't he? Definitely trying to buy tickets for that one.
  6. Yeah lots of big names but very safe bookings. My last RW was 2016 and wasn't going to return, not my cup anymore, but that lineup 2020 was so good I've bought tickets again. This bunch of names feels very been there done that compared to Strokes/SOAD/Kendrick/huge undercard. Hoping the following announcement will finally be something for me. Something a bit more...unique?
  7. Like I said the show with Frusciante in 2006 was the worst of the bunch.
  8. Every time I've seen them (3 times now) it was a great 3-4song run start, followed by a jam. Cool, a jam! Then another 2 songs. Oh, a jam again. A long one. Ok. Another song. Jam. 3 songs. Hey: a drum solo... Song. Oh, bass solo. Etc... And a jam can be fun to watch, especially when the musicians are that talented. But somehow RHCP have te talent to suck the energy out of the field. And I''m not the only one, I can remember my friends having the same reaction after their shows. Especially Werchter 2006 and 2012 were bad. 2016 was okay-ish but nothing special. The fact that the singer sings worse and worse doesn't help. Like I said: good music, horrible live act. Really weird RW keeps booking them.
  9. I'm actually most disappointed by RHCP. It seems like most festivals seemed to dodge that bullet. Good music, horrible shows. A bit like KoL actually but then again the KoL singer can actually sing... ID/TOP aren't my cup as wel though.
  10. I’ve heard of Pendulum, but headliner? 😅
  11. Lovely lineup. Nick Cave is always excellent, but lots of great smaller names.
  12. Hope these other events don’t prevent RW from finally dropping a batch of names next week.
  13. What a great lineup. J. Balvin and Pet Shop Boys are such an unexpected combo but loving it.
  14. LCD Soundsystem would re-ignite my interest after almost completely losing faith in the lineup! J Balvin and Pet Shop Boys would be fun and much needed unexpected additions too!
  15. Anderson Paak headlined the Barn but his show ended when The Killers began their set. Most enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever seen at RW at Paak.
  16. A disappointing show is what happened. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Anderson Paak played on of the best festival sets I’ve ever seen, right before the Killers.
  17. Never seen The Strokes either. Was one more special headliner too much to ask? It's a recyclefest right now. But the Strokes dream is gone?
  18. Hoping for The Strokes, getting The Killers... Sad day, again. 🙁
  19. Didn't they play RW last time? Maybe time for another fest then.
  20. Nick Cave vs Kings Of Leon? You're literally comparing the most charismatic frontman and one of the best live shows out there with the most static and lifeless performers I can think of. Imagine Caleb connecting with the audience in the way Cave usually does. 😅
  21. So this is gorgeous.
  22. I think they would've announced that by 10AM. What happened to that announcement, @Ken19? Hope today is the day for a batch then.
  23. Pricey, especially for such a mediocre live band.
  24. I remember them having The Strokes in 2019. Was so jealous.
  25. Fugees, I'm looking at you. 😉
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