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  1. TBHC is a brilliant album, many said the same as we’re saying about Radiohead after Kid A, and even if more recent output hasn’t been amazing I personally see In Rainbows as the best Radiohead album. If they nail it, and create an album with a concept, lyrics to match and the new sounds of TBHC, along with some up tempo guitar songs then that will be a masterpiece. They’re not a band that releases songs like R U Mine? And When the Sun Goes Down anymore and that can be seen in then style of the band. They’ve matured from that youthful rock to more eloquent, boundary pushing (for them) albums and I am very excited
  2. Tame Impala could headline all 3 nights and sell it out
  3. Nothing But Thieves were in the tent sound was awful and so were they
  4. My mate went to see Denzel Curry in Manny on Monday told me it was insane better than the Snuts who we saw last week in the same gaff and I thought were good. However I then saw this on Tik Tok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLnn5h1c/
  5. Die Antwoord 2016, decided to go and see Russel Howard instead in the Alternative tent who was joking about dildos so 13 year old me was very confused Libertines 2015, Yungblud last year, not for the band coz I love em but the set and NBT 2018 were poor And any secret set I’ve seen on the introducing coz you can’t actually hear it
  6. Cheers fella didn’t know that existed
  7. Have 1 Everything Everything ticket for Liverpool Tuesday if anyones interested
  8. Anyone want or know anyone that wants and Everything Everything ticket for Liverpool on Tuesday night
  9. Not risking shit placement for AM, I want to smell Alex Turner
  10. Shikari into Fontaines into drinking into Wolf Alice into anticipation into AM is going to be heavenly
  11. wait just realised, great minds think alike
  12. Yh was thinking about this last night its not hard to smuggle 3/4 cans into the arena and so if there was more option I’m convinced I’d spend more time there even if it was both the Pit and FR but Yh I’d love R1 bsck as well tbh, provides shade too
  13. In terms of coming in and out the arena last year is the first year I “camped”. Realistically I went home every morning for a shower and brekky and just slept and kept alcohol at my tent. I was in and out a fair bit, we went in early Friday and came out after Declan for a couple hours Saturday, went in for Slowthai as the first one, then out for a couple and in for Wombats and onwards and Sunday was a slog from stage to stage, met my old man who smuggled rum in for a chat and a drink but it’s so easy, we got lucky with tent placement, in yellow l think it was, 2 minute walk to the arena so realistically it was perfect
  14. Reckon MSE: 1975, Eminem, Paramore MSW: 21P, Fender, Doja Cat
  15. Both the Bakar/Wallows and Knucks/Little Simz clashes hurt my soul
  16. No wait, 100 gecs, weekend saved also get a chance to Mix these packs and potions, best lineup ever
  17. I’m going to be 20 come 2023 and I already feel too old
  18. Maybe it’s the colours, I’ve worn Reading shirts in the past as a Ding fan but can’t say that they’re the most eye catching. If you’re looking for someone in a crowd a bright yellow and green shirt would certainly help It makes an extra thing for me tbh, which may be a bit sad, but me and my mate literally just walk around the campsite looking for the best shirt we can find as a proud owner of a Bayern 1995 home shirt however I always win
  19. Wow fair enough I’m interested to know, were footy shirts a common occurrence say 20 years ago, or is it a more recent thing with more stylish kits and the pull of a retro jersey?
  20. Band merch has been replaced by very snazzy Hawaiian shirts, which I can get behind as I have a large collection. And retro footy shirts which surely we can all agree are Very cool And at least Elf bars taste nicer 😜😜
  21. Glad it’s not just me came on to say the same thing despite having plenty of funds and my phone bill coming out literally at the same time
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