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  1. Arsehole??? Thirty Seconds to Mars confirmed!!
  2. I also got 33k minutes, and top 2% Kanye listeners. listened to 1664 artists this year which is the most impressive stat
  3. Thankfully not, he used to have the quiff though
  4. No one said they have to be alive: Kanye, Nirvana, Hendrix, AM, Tame Impala, Scissor Sisters
  5. I’m quite fond of one or two songs on AB/AP Id rather dip myself in chip grease and jump into a pit of hungry seagulls before going anywhere near Mania again
  6. Ofc I am, the largest turd known to man that album
  7. Not sure why I’m doing the separate messages but Kasabian - Kasabian
  8. I have some sort of connection to Blossoms, they’ve always been my favourite band believe it or not, seen them 6/7 times everytime I personally think they’ve been great, met them once or twice too
  9. In other news I complied my AOTY list into a handy playlist featuring songs from my top 30 and other notable songs I remember from throughout the year
  10. Sea Girls I understand never understand the hype surrounding them, NBT are very different imo, a lot heavier and Blossoms give me slightly more 80s vibes, it’s slightly more out there in terms of sound
  11. The Hunna are the worst band on the planet, absolute fucking dog shit, generic, guitar indie crap
  12. Best: Disclosure 2021, Gerry Cinnamon 2021, Muse 2017, The 1975 2019, Twenty One Pilots 2019, Pendulum 2018, the Amazons 2017, the Maccabees 2015, Jack Garratt 2016. Worst: Die Antwoord 2016, the Libertines 2015, Migos 2017, Yungblud 2021, AJ Tracey 2019, Becky Hill 2021 (just way way too quiet). All 3 secret sets I remember seeing were amazing too: BMTH, QOTSA and Don Broco
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