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  1. Loaded and Tennis are easily my favourite songs of the year so far, can't wait for the album
  2. I think you're forgetting that this is not only his first show in about 7 years, but also it's in scotland, where he is much bigger than anywhere else in the UK. That being said I have no idea how they got Sam Fender to sub, 100% expected him to headline next year along with Gerry Cinnamon.
  3. I'd love to see poppy on the main stage, mostly just to see the old "hate all modern rock other than Greta Van Fleet" types reaction to the chorus of X
  4. The Murder Capital would be amazing, their set at TRNSMT last year was brilliant
  5. Please no, I'd even take yungblud over him
  6. https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F005B1F7ACE0BD2?did=tmukreadwlist Reading failed payment plans are on sale through this link, anyone know about Leeds? If you do any chance I can get the link?
  7. Saw Creeper tonight, if they end up headlining the pit I am genuinely considering seeing them over arctic monkeys, they where amazing.
  8. On the topic of coachella, if you had to ask me one act I could never see on that lineup it would be Yard Act. No idea how they're on there.
  9. Yeah exactly the same here. I feel Tame Impala is more suited to the R&L demographic than any other indie act around who could headline at the moment other than arctic monkeys, even the people who nearly purely listen to pop or rap would know a few songs. Only thing they may struggle with is getting enough people who would know the deeper cuts in the setlist. Still will probably do APE instead.
  10. I'm gonna go to Leeds for the first time. Am I going to have to buy my tickets at 9am Thursday on the dot or will they not sell out by then? Also my pals dad owns a flat in leeds, would we be able to buy a week's pass without camping?
  11. Along with that, queens and post may have been coheadliners and they where moved up to "full headliners" along with disclosure who was a sub.
  12. Genuinely probably most hyped for 100 gecs. They'd unironically be great live.
  13. Really hoped the bands being played rn are on the lineup, inhaler are class.
  14. He knows what's going on for sure, he's leaked lineups in the past, But he's fucking about rn
  15. The way they worded it, probably just the headliners.
  16. The smiths reunion but it's just Johnny Marr playing every instrument confirmed.
  17. Yeah they're big, and if they where a cheap booking they may be big enough to headline at a push, but considering they headlined coachella, they're probably an expensive one. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see em, but they won't get booked.
  18. Imagine the scenes if Liam doesn't end up playing.
  19. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that Dan's a dick
  20. Yall are looking for a reason to be pessimistic. Rage are headlining, end of.
  21. Unironically hoping for a 100 gecs announcement. Started listening to them as a joke now I can't get enough of them.
  22. Yeah my dumb ass just realised I was looking at the 2020 Calander. Still, they put the R&L dates up litteraly 30mins before the announcement. Its not a coincidence.
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