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  1. And the 6th too. Stade Roi Baudouin.
  2. Coldplay will announce shows tomorrow at 2pm (Belgian time). A show at Werchter field?
  3. The dates cancelled by Faith No More were only in September/October in the US. About 2 weeks after the announcement, they've been added to Graspop. Until now, I think they'll play in Europe next Summer. At least until any update from the band. And for the rest of the tour, I hope some more names soon too as I'm thinking about taking a combo ticket!
  4. With this design, I guess Dua Lipa and Tyler The Creator are the only headliners. But I doubt RHCP could be added on this tour. The free dates in their schedule are for second dates to be added later.
  5. Tell us. Let's have a laugh for a second.
  6. Seems like RW will be the cheapest way to have a good view at a RHCP show... Never seen tickets so expensive for their shows. Golden circle is 139€ in Paris: it was 67€ in 2012... For Nijmegen, tickets are almost the same price. Wondering if they won't ask too much for festivals soon...
  7. Twenty One Pilots are bigger right now than Royal Blood but not enough to be headliner alone at a festival like Werchter. It wasn't the case in 2020 and I don't see why it could change for 2022. In Netherlands, they don't headline alone Pinkpop (Metallica is the headliner of their day). Gorillaz - Twenty One Pilots would make sense!
  8. He speaks about the actual price of tickets and names soon but that's it.
  9. Stromae - Nick Cave - Tampe Impala - Jamie Xx - Kraftwerk - La Femme - The Blaze - Aurora - Los Bitchos - Jehnny Beth - Malik Djoudi - Diiv - The Liminanas.
  10. Tickets for Friday (Metallica) are soldout.
  11. The "Frusciante" effect will help the band selling more tickets than the last tour for sure! But I can't imagine them sell out stadium twice in some cities like Paris: the show at the Stade de France in 2012 - where I was - wasn't soldout until a few days/weeks before the show if I remember it well. The announcement will arrive later today or tomorrow I guess. We'll know which exact stadiums/venues they're playing! A lot of countries/areas are missing: nothing in East Germany (Berlin ?!), Austria, Poland, Portugal...
  12. They posted their teaser on Friday 4PM. And I doubt they'll announce the world tour in one time. They'll announce Europe, America, Australia and the rest of the world in different time/different hours. Bands never annonce America/Europe tours at the same time (maybe in really rare cases but it's not even 1%). Maybe they wanted to announce today but got issues with Facebook networks before us. Maybe they gonna do it tomorrow. Or Wednesday. The RHCP (and management) always got some strange/unclear plans in their communication.
  13. Got lot of issues here in Belgium since 1h... EDIT: It's worldwide. All Facebook networks are down. People from United States, France, Belgium, Portugal talk about it.
  14. Too bad announcement on Friday was delayed. But announcement today and tickets on sale this Friday makes sense too. I've a ticket for the day with Metallica. If the RHCP are finally confirmed on Sunday, I'll seriously think about sale my ticket and take a combi then... 210€ for 2 days or 245€ for 4 days...
  15. A couple of French websites announce Red Hot Chili Peppers will play in the Stade de France (Paris) on July 22! Not officially announced yet but a bit different from what the bands said in their teaser (tour in the USA from end of July). Almost in for the Lolla Paris (16-17 July). Curious to see how their tour will look like this time. With Werchter or not.
  16. Good news: You Me At Six will play on Slam Dunk field before the festival (like ADTR had to in 2020), so they won't be headlining the festival!
  17. Best tour trailer ever 🖤 "Breaking News: The news is broken!" Just sad they didn't announce the dates at the same time! But the hype is real!
  18. Graspop announced on Wednesday and yesterday. So today is available... announcement at 4pm? Would be great! About the RHCP, I also think they gonna be there in 2022 but I guess they're waiting to release a new single and/or announce officially the new album before announce the tour.
  19. Looks almost the same as the leaked flyer. But Five Finger Death Punch are headliner now! And Volbeat are really on the same day as Iron Maiden.
  20. Avenged Sevenfold confirmed as headliner for Friday. Hopefully more names soon!
  21. Alexisonfire are a nice surprise. Rancid is a surprise too but not very exciting for me... I saw them once at Groezrock. Didn't enjoy the show at all. They are headliners: for the Punk In Republic or the second Main Stage?! Acts like Yungblud or MGK could really fit well as main headliners!
  22. It can still be end of October, in 6 weeks then, if it's not in November 😅 But fingers crossed we gonna have some names this month!
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