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  1. Exactly. Based on what I read here 🙂
  2. The "Encore" event is happening in June in Werchter. Based on the infos from Ken and what Werchter said on their SN. Dua Lipa ends her tour in Scandinavia end of June so she's out i think.
  3. Gojira headline some festivals this Summer but they don't have the size/aura from the Graspop. With all the respect I have for Resurrection Fest and VOA Festival. And Hellfest is a unique case as Gojira are a French band. Right now, I see only 2 possibilities: Scorpions announced as main headliner or Within Temptation upgraded as main headliner and another big act will be announced to end the day on the MS2. About Architects, even if I love them, they don't have the success (yet) to headline the MS2. Sub-headliner is a good spot for them.
  4. Of course Sabaton don't have the same aura as Aerosmith but they have a big success now, especially in Belgium! I'm not surprises to see them headline, I was just expect them for 2023. Their last Belgian show was at SportPaleis, the biggest indoor venue in the country (even if it wasn't full capacity if I'm right). Gojira are a level below. Ghost could be headliner or co-headliner in 2023 for sure.
  5. Active the notifications and have luck...
  6. I really like Gojira but they're not big enough (yet) in Belgium to be an headliner at Graspop. I can see them coming in 2023 when they'll do a proper festivals tour but not this Summer. Scorpions moved some of their German shows to 2023 so they're now available on June 17th to play at Graspop... there're many headliner-size bands available. So they could have Scorpions - Megadeth - Whitesnake in a row on the same day. Like you said, the festival is soldout so they can take their time.
  7. Ghost. They play in Paris mid-April. Hellfest will announce the headliner in April. An European Exclusive. Seems clear it gonna be them!
  8. Snow Patrol, Seasick Steve and The Afghan Whigs will play at Lokerse Feesten on August 10th so they're out for Pukkelpop.
  9. The show from RATM in Antwerp on 1st September was announced on many Live Nation websites, including Belgium. I guess they removed it because many people/medias spoke about it and they saw their mistake. This show would take place in 6 months. With a soldout coming in a minute, they can still announce it in 2-3 months. Wait and see. But I can't imagine Pukkelpop booking them because of the budget...
  10. The Sunday at Pukkelpop 2020 (last day of festival until now...) was insane between Main Stage and Marquee schedule: Pennywise Airbourne Pvris Billie Eilish Ghostemane A Day To Remember Bullet For My Valentine Anderson Paak Prophets Of Rage Twenty One Pilots If we could have in 2022 something like: Wargasm Clutch Frank Carter Enter Shikari Limp Bizkit Bring Me The Horizon The Prodigy
  11. No! There isn't a train station at Charleroi Airport. You have to take a bus/shuttle to Charleroi South or direct to Brussels. I check on the SNCB website, there aren't any train from Charleroi South to Louvain/Leuven. The best for you - I think - is to take an hotel nearby Brussels South station on Wednesday evening. And then go to Louvain on Thursday morning.
  12. Kings Of Leon will play at Lokerse Feesten on 9 August so they are out for Pukkelpop (if they were still possible).
  13. That would be the easier for sure! There aren't any busses/shuttles from Brussels to the festival. You have to take a train to Louvain and then the shuttle to the festival. Both are included in your RW ticket. You'll be able to download them from June 18th 2022.
  14. It gonna be hard to arrive at RW easely so late... If you arrive at 10.45pm in Charleroi Airport, you'll get the shuttle at 11.15 to arrive in Brussels-South train station at 00.10am and the last train to Louvain is at 00.20. You'll be in Leuven at 00.50am and I don't know if there are still some shuttles. Or look for a taxi to do the 15km between Louvain station and the festival. Hope it helps you!
  15. Do you speak about Werchter Boutique or Rock Werchter?! With a duo Gorillaz-Stromae, we can't say weak headliners...
  16. Hellfest announced that this act is a "Festival exclusivity for 2021". My bet is Ghost. They play in Paris on April 18th. It's why they can't announced them before.
  17. What a joke. Waiting just to get Skindred so high... Really boring line-up this year. And this new layout... Their whole debut album "Eternal Blue" is massive and includes some singles known since a while! Listen to Holly Roller, Yellowjacket (ft. Sam Carter from Architects), Silk In The Strings and Blessed Be. It will give you a good idea of the band.
  18. Seems Rage Against The Machine will play in Antwerp. Found this strange (new ? fake?) website saying they're coming in Belgium: https://ctrlaltmusic.com/news/rage-against-the-machine-in-belgium-in-september-2022. And it's indeed on Live Nation Belgium website! So if we have one more day or show around Pukkelpop, it's not gonna be them...
  19. New names tomorrow morning (10am UK Time)!
  20. Did you look at the venues they played on the dates you mentionned? It's always the same place, except one show in 2017 (maybe a special off show because the 3 others are at the same place). When they play the same venue, it happens indeed they play 2 days in a row. Because they don't have to move their big stage/production. Guns N Roses or another big band, they're less keen to play several days in a row because they have many stuff to move. They booked them in 2018 with a huge line-up so it could be possible again - if they didn't increase their fee too much with the Covid. Anyway, it's 99.99% they're out for GMM. And seems too big to be last-minute replacement. Why not book them in the first place if they were really interested anyway. @Ken19 Any infos here?
  21. Especially for the people who bought a ticket for Friday... with both headliners (Avenged Sevenfold and Faith No More) cancelled... And the bands who can get the spot aren't many: Scorpions not available, Bring Me The Horizon not available, Gojira play in Brussels 3 weeks after, Guns N Roses don't play 2 days in a row, Foo Fighters are in Spain area (can't imagine them anyway), Evanescence are in Scandinavia (Sweden on 16th, Finland on 19th), Nightwish are at Pinkpop...
  22. Avenged Sevenfold cancel their European Tour...
  23. Airbourne is not really big for a mainstream festival or even for a rock festival. At Graspop, they have never been really high in the line-up. The biggest venue they headlined in Belgium was Trix (1100p) in Antwerp. I was expecting to see them on the Main Stage but as opener.
  24. The Weeknd would make sense and as it can sold-out 2 times SportPaleis (20k) and said he wanted to do bigger shows (stadium) to offer a better show to the fans, he could do it at Werchter. And Maroon 5 as sub? They put Gorillaz and Stromae on the same day so that could be possible too. About the debate QOTSA / TOP, their success are quite similar right now I think. It can sound weird because QOTSA are way older but both can fit as headliner on every festivals.
  25. The second TW Classic is on 26 June, the same weekend as the first one (with Nick Cave and Placebo). So I guess the second Werchter Boutique will happen on Saturday 18 June (the day before Stromae and Gorillaz). I thought about Muse but they play in Italy on 17th and then in UK. Foo Fighters are not available either as they are in Portugal that weekend. I can't imagine Maroon 5 headline such a huge event in Belgium... Are they still so big? Don't think so.
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