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    Does this mean it's going to be a bit disappointing when it's announced?
  2. folkpunk


    Hey - good call - Nick Cave or Bjork? I'm sure the Levs have been trying to get Nick Cave for a while now. However Robert Plant with Seth Lakeman in the band also makes sense - especially with the Bath festival.
  3. folkpunk

    Stie map

    From the official site - I guess they only have a license for so many passes per field. So have you had any lineup news yet?
  4. folkpunk

    Stie map

    Did I read somewhere about more campervan fields this year? Also line up tomorrow - no clues yet?
  5. folkpunk

    Rolling Stones...

    Hard Rock line up announcement on the 5th. Seems to tie in with what the stones forum says.
  6. folkpunk

    Rolling Stones...

    The stones forums are saying it's a done deal. Stones will play US dates in june ending with Glastonbury and another gig in UK (hard rock or hyde park?) I think we will hear this week.
  7. folkpunk

    Rolling Stones...

    I agree - if the Stones play, they will be the highest paid headliners to have ever played Glastonbury. - Not saying Glastonbury will pay millions but certainly more than they ever have. I wouldn't be surprised if budget adjustments have to be made i.e. less money for the other acts.
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    Folkpunk's Vans

    Pictures of my vans