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  1. Yeah it must be randomly. I am on it as well, but the two people I know who got them signed on after me.
  2. For anyone on the waiting list, I know two people who got them today through Dice.
  3. Find it mad that they wouldn't follow that then, seems like just leaving money on the floor.
  4. One thing I found a bit weird was the pricing of the tickets. They had a first release price and then they were due to go up by 30 euros today. Why would you just put a date on the price rise, rather than the number of tickets remaining? I thought that's how staged ticket releases worked.
  5. I got my ticket, but have a couple of friends who didn't get theirs before it sold out. If I sign up for the waiting list, could I buy one in my name. Then when we go to the festival just pick them up for them? I take it this is allowed given there is no sort of registration process?
  6. I’m looking at going to this next year, for the first time. What days is the music actually on? Ideally want to book for as few days as possible, but don’t want to miss anything. It says 2nd-6th but surely there isn’t 5 days of music?
  7. Montag

    2020 headliners

    Madonna is subbing Tswift
  8. Montag

    Co-Op / alcohol

    Hi, I haven’t been to the festival for a few years. I read that last year in the lead up that there was a co-op store set up. Did this sell alcohol at all? Was just thinking if it did, I wouldn’t take any to save carrying it. Thanks
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