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  1. RW don't know for the moment which band play which day. We'll know later but not tomorrow. It's what they reply to my question.
  2. Really strange to sell tickets without knowing who will play on each day. I don't understand what they're sting.
  3. We ask RW on Facebook and they reply that: Hi, we don't have any information on days yet. So no new names tomorrow.
  4. Royal Blood and Nbt are the next biggest rock band in the world. Apart from this 2 bands there is no other new rock band as biggest as them. Royal blood didn't played RW since 2017.
  5. I hope. It's really in their interest.
  6. But we have only until 17 june to decide what we're gonna do with our tickets. If the headliners are not announce pretty soon a lot of people will want to get back their money. If we know who are the headliners in 2021, it'll help people to choose what they want to do and it'll be very interesting for pinkpop if people keep their tickets.
  7. No RHCP for Pinkpop 2021. If they would come, the festival would already announce them like other festival. With Frusciante they were one of the major act of the festival and a lot of people would keep their ticket, but they don't.
  8. Why they don't announce RHCP stay headliner for pinkpop 2021 if they already know it? How do you know there'll be a full tour after the festival season?
  9. They'll don't come back from US only for RW. If they were announce in Rosklide or Bilbao it would be possible.
  10. No RHCP at RW. They'aren't in any other festival during this period. I doubt they stay in europe during 2 weeks only for RW.
  11. I don't think RHCP will play at RW. They're not announce in any other festival during this period. They'll don't stay in europe during 2 weeks only for RW.
  12. It's really late. Why they don't announce a new headliner over the time like they did in the previous years. I know a band want to annouce all date the same day but it's not all the headliners. Something is really strange this year.
  13. I thought they sell out within minutes. I remember it was not easy to have tickets.
  14. Until now RHCP were a big headliner alone. Why are they no more considered like a major act? In 2016 they'll play a really good show. They 're one of the few big band who will tour next year.
  15. RHCP aren't first choice for RW. Why? They're good headliner. So no RHCP this year?
  16. Chris Martin said there'll be no concert soon except Jordan. I don't think they'll play festival next year. https://mobile.twitter.com/coldplayxtra?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1193647048928776192&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231193647048928776192
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