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  1. QOTSA didn't play this year due to travel restriction even if the situation was good during this summer.
  2. Or for the financial interest they gain until the refund. I can't see RATM cancel all their US tour but playing on an another continent, it would be really strange.
  3. Maybe Rock en Seine know RATM will be not there but need money for their financial balance. Hanson juste announce their tour for June but we already know there will be no US artist in EU in 2022.
  4. Yes, it's the reason why, music industry has to change and gain money more on creativity rather than live show even if there is streaming. I love live show but in the next few years, I don't think it'll be possible to have big show, maybe small tour in small venue but not mass event like festival.
  5. If you were in the government what would you do? We can't let people being sick and dying. I'm desperate with the situation, I'm waiting for some show for 2 years. I just don't blame the decision.
  6. I don't blame government, health is the most important thing and they've no other choice. Omicron still a more dangerous than other virus and if for the health of everyone we must given up live show I'll understand.
  7. Yes, there'll be variant every year and I think every year will be the same situation. The different government will have no other solution to close everything the time we found a new vax. I ask myself if the music industry will exist in a few year after all cancellation. I know it's not the COVID thread but now we know all US band will cancel their tour 2022, the EU festival will have no other solution to cancel to (there's not enough EU band who can headline).
  8. If there'll be no US band in Europe during this summer, RW will lost all their headliner (same for Pinkpop). It'll be really difficult for them to found european headliner who will be available during this period.
  9. Don't think it'll be soon with Omicron. Really hope the festival will be not cancel again but I think they'll announce there'll be no festival in 2022 in March like last year. Maybe in 2023 It'll be better.
  10. I really hope it's not RHCP. I bought tickets for them but today was the last day to ask a request. As we don't know witch artist will come I ask a request. The confirmation arrived really to late. I know Werchter can't do nothing without the permission of the label but they could extend the request period until more artist would have been announce.
  11. Do you know which period is concerned June/July or September?
  12. Imagine dragons at Lolapalooza Paris.
  13. I start to wondering if there will be concert from UK and EU band in 2021. All band postpone their tour to 2022. But do you think the situation will be better during winter and spring 2022 (about travel restrictions). I think there will be gig but only from artist who live in the country where they come from (only Belgium band in Belgium, same in Netherlands, France,...)
  14. I don't think we'll have a new name tomorrow. For me the last headliner is someone who has not yet announce anything for the moment and nothing will happen until september (or during the autumn).
  15. I know, there'll be around 30 000 people but when we know Muse sold only 11 000 in Werchter 2019 and Mad Cool and Firenze are not already sold out for the day they'll play, it's a good performance for this band in decline in the rest of Europe.
  16. In France today, begin the tickets selling for Muse at Festival de Beauregard. It's totally crazy and really hard to take his place. There is a lot of demand for this band. So surprise it's the exact opposite in Belgium. France is the last place for Muse to sold out their gig really quickly.
  17. Chad Smith said they're in the latter process of the new album and after they play some shows when the album will be out. He didn't say a full tour. I'm wondering me what it means.
  18. Maybe RHCP'll not play in Europe during summer 2022 because they'll be touring in US and they'll play europeans festivals in 2023. It's really strange what RHCP are doing they cancel all their festival in Europe and US. Chad Smith always says the plan is to touring in 2022 but we don't see anything. There is no communication. RHCP are not anymore one of the biggest band and I don't understand their come back (with Frusciante) strategy. About Muse. It seems they're not playing in Benelux next year. I know they struggle to sold out their gigs but drop totally Benelux, I'm surprise.
  19. Yes but it was in 2016 2017. Muse sold out 2 Wembley stadium in 2007 and 2010 and now they struggle to sold out a unique show at Olympic stadium. I think things can change very quickly. I know Coldplay are still very popular but the new single is a flop, maybe it'll have an impact on their tour tickets selling.
  20. I have some doubt about Coldplay. Their new single isn't well received. It seems they follow the same way as Muse with Simulation Theory with a lot of synth and less organic instruments.
  21. Totally agree. Simulation Theory wasn't great, not bad, my least favorite of all of their album. But when they begin to sell tickets during autumn 2018, their album wasn't out, maybe people want to liste the new album before to buy their tickets.
  22. Thanks, really low for a stadium act. This tour wasn't really good in 2019. In 2015 Muse did a very good set list and gig.
  23. Sorry ok, I understand. If we count all kind of tickets do you remember how many people there was? Can we have a clue about the band who'll play in Belgium next summer?
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