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  1. Where did you heard Rhcp are ready to announce new show?
  2. Here in France, culture minister hope the festivals will take place next summer (vacination, better climatic conditions, better knowledge of the virus). Maybe this festival season will happening. https://www.lavoixdunord.fr/917767/article/2021-01-08/festivals-d-ete-et-covid-19-roselyne-bachelot-veut-donner-un-message-d-espoir
  3. Thanks for your answer. Do they have a plan to do the festival or are they waiting that the government say if they're allow to do it?
  4. @Ken19 do you think RW will be move until september like other festivals?
  5. Totally agree, but yesterday our President said this situation will last at least until this summer. Here festivals organizer are really worried because they have to know in january if their festival will happen because they start spending money to prepare festival. And if their festival will be cancel, assurance will said they doesnt have to spend money if they weren't sure the festival will go on.
  6. It's not me. I just read this in this other forum. I really prefer to have hope but when i see in Netherlands that small arena are closed again. And unfortunatly a lot of scientist said vaccine and treatment wil don't stop pandemic. I'm not optimistic. I live in France and here, there will be no standing concerts until Avril 2021. Only sitting down concerts will happen. During this summer I was pretty sure festival 2021 will go on but now with all this comments and doubts.
  7. No mega festival in 2021. https://forum.festileaks.com/forums/topic/rock-werchter-2021-nieuws-geruchten/page/58/ I begin to ask me if one day festivals and concerts will take place again.
  8. They know now there'll be no festival in 2021. Don't think they'll announce new names. It seems there'll be no festival season until 2023. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/rennes-35000/covid-pas-de-concerts-debout-avant-avril-2021-selon-les-professionnels-de-festivals-en-bretagne-6987409
  9. I don't think RW will give new name until november or december like every year. Pinkpop will begin the tickets selling and we don't have the third headliner.
  10. RW don't know for the moment which band play which day. We'll know later but not tomorrow. It's what they reply to my question.
  11. Really strange to sell tickets without knowing who will play on each day. I don't understand what they're sting.
  12. We ask RW on Facebook and they reply that: Hi, we don't have any information on days yet. So no new names tomorrow.
  13. Royal Blood and Nbt are the next biggest rock band in the world. Apart from this 2 bands there is no other new rock band as biggest as them. Royal blood didn't played RW since 2017.
  14. I hope. It's really in their interest.
  15. But we have only until 17 june to decide what we're gonna do with our tickets. If the headliners are not announce pretty soon a lot of people will want to get back their money. If we know who are the headliners in 2021, it'll help people to choose what they want to do and it'll be very interesting for pinkpop if people keep their tickets.
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