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  1. Not so strange. They wanna change a bit! I've attended Groezrock almost each years since 10 years and got sometimes the feeling to see the same bands all the time, especially in the bigger hardcore and punk-rock bands. Bad Religion: 2002 - 2006 - 2008 - 2010 - 2013. NOFX: 2009 - 2011 - 2014 Anti Flag: 2006 - 2008 - 2012 - 2017. Less Than Jake: 2006 - 2013 - 2016. Lagwagon: 2005 - 2007 - 2012 - 2015. In 2017, they booked Parkway Drive and Deftones as headliners: fresh and new. Unfortunately, the rest of the line-up wasn't as fresh as the headliners. In 2019, they booked Dropkick Murphys which we haven't seen at Meerhout since 2011 and Jawbreaker which was a old-school speciality of the festival: bring an exclusivity, a band no one expected (unfortunately it didn't work with them). They make some risks to give a new good life to the festival which is respectful!
  2. Just heard the festival wouldn't happen on the first weekend of May, dates the festival gave after 2019 edition. We are about 5 months away from the festival, if it happened, and they haven't posted anything about a new edition... About 2018, they announced early October 2017 the festival won't happen. Nothing here.
  3. Nop. They play in Brussels 2 months before.
  4. Seems the festival won't be happening in 2020... A new year without Groezrock, like 2018.
  5. SlipKnot two years in a raw? Don't think so. They announced about 75 bands now included 2 headliners. They'll look how sales are going on from tomorrow. Headliners and more announcement in December for sure.
  6. MS1: TBA (headliner) - Deep Purple - Killswitch Engage - TBA - Thunder - TBA. MS2 : The Offspring - Disturbed - Deftones - Body Count - Sepultura - Dog Eat Dog. Would be sick like this!
  7. Anyone have informations for next announcements?
  8. Just announced at Graspop on June 18th so no.
  9. I didn't see it, sorry. But if it's RHCP, it would be the best news of the week!
  10. Announcement tomorrow afternoon as the same time as Firenze Rocks ? Pearl Jam ?
  11. Nop, Architects pull out because they were not main headliners as originally planned. They booked Enter Shikari instead. A shame all actors (Architects, Parkway, Jera) didn't find a solution but business is business.
  12. Too bad for TGI. For ADTR, I really think they'll play again at Jera. For BMTH, as they had Parkway Drive, it's possible. FortaRock is not happening. They already played at Pinkpop this year so it's the only festival they would play! Fingers crossed.
  13. They could! For a reason I understand, Graspop have never booked them when they're on tour during Summer (they only played once, in 1998). The band play a club-show or don't play in Belgium.
  14. Finally, they wake up! Seems like previous years, they'll make their announcement on Wednesday at noon. Tickets early bird on sale next week and new names soon. 06.11 : Wake up. 13.11 : Early Bird on sale 20.11 : First names. It's one of my favorite festivals and every year the line-up is a beast in metalcore/hardcore/punk! We should have some names in common with Full Force like always and some more great stuff. Heaven Shall Burn, Social Distortion, While She Sleeps, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Thy Art Is Murder, Stray From The Path, Youth Of Today, Knocked Loose, Silverstein, Northlane, Sleeping With Sirens, Walls Of Jericho, Get The Shot, Any Given Day, Crystal Lake, Zebrahead, Motionless In White, Rise Of The Northstar, Counterparts, Attila, Risk It, Blood Youth, Hacktivist, Imminence... they could all be at JOA 2020. The Ghost Inside will only play Full Force on the Mainland Europe. Agnostic Front, Bleed From Within, Bad Omens, Polar and First Blood were already there this year. They could be play 2 times in a row but not sure.
  15. For 2018, events or social media descriptions also said 3 days when teased "First names soon"... then 3 weeks later, they announce XL Edition. They always put the dates in the Facebook banners but not this time. So I guess we can have some hope for an edition like 2018. But if they're making all this sh*t only for GNR once again, I'd be a bit disappointed. Aerosmith, so they can make both Graspop and Hellfest?
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