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  1. Loyle Carner doing his secret set in the Rabbit Hole. It was my first time seeing him after being a huge fan for years and with it being at Glastonbury and in such an intimate venue surrounded by friends just made it the best experience possible. 'Ain't Nothing Changed' with the whole crowd singing in unison after a great set full of energy was definitely the highlight of my weekend
  2. Foals / Jamie T / Kendrick
  3. Thursday: Camelphat Friday: Foals Saturday: Jamie T Sunday: Turnstile
  4. Saw Denzel Curry in Manchester Academy 2 back in.. maybe 2019.. and it was great but the mosh pits were lethal, I had quite a bit of drink in me and it's still to this day the only mosh pit that was so rowdy i had to make my way out of the crowd to be sick, so good!
  5. Joy Anonymous have just been announced for The Common, was a big fan of this particular song during the first lockdown so have bitter-sweet memories associated with it, delved into their other music today too and it's all great.
  6. 1. Vince Staples - Ramona Park Broke My Heart 2. Action Bronson - Cocodrillo Turbo 3. Pusha T - It's Almost Dry
  7. Fri: Foals Sat: Phoebe Bridgers (hopefully) Sun: Kendrick Lamar
  8. 1. Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez, See Your Future 2. Benny The Butcher - Tana Talk 4 3. Rex Orange County - Who Cares?
  9. I know it's just a hypothetical but Brockhampton are a thing of the past now, played their final shows over here and their calling it time on the group once they've fulfilled their dates at Coachella, were my favourite band in the summer of 2017 so i'm sad to see it end, especially after their last album was such a vast improvement on the two that had come after Saturation
  10. put down Tyler The Creator, The Weeknd, Ye, Frank Ocean and Foals for headliners, understand that Ye and Frank are most likely out of the realms of possibility
  11. Could just be me frequenting the wrong places, don't think i've heard FOB or MCR more than a handful of times the entire time i've been here, Oasis and Mr. Brightside are obviously different but can't see anyone ever seeking them out as they're over played as it is
  12. Unlikely but sign me up, would be at Pyramid every single night
  13. Heard of him but never listened to him, I know he's championed by Eminem but always thought of him as another Royce da 5'9 without any of the legacy that comes with it, would be the emptiest crowd a sub would ever see
  14. Can assure you, as a university student, these are no longer what people are calling anthems.
  15. OnlyRevolutions

    Sam Fender

    Don't know if he'll of added a second saxophonist now but Sam has always played with Johnny 'Blue Hat' on sax since pretty much the start of his career, Johnny and his newcastle shirt have become an iconic staple of a Fender gig so i'm not sure if he would change that.
  16. The Weeknd would put on a show for the ages and I would love to see it happen but got to agree that it seems unlikely, especially next year whilst he's at his peak and everywhere will be paying him big money to entice him (could be a likely option for R+L) Dave seems like the most likely option for Glasto, seeing as he's currently the most critically-acclaimed and most loved rapper within the UK and could have his next album ready for next year. Dave / Arctic Monkeys / Dua Lipa
  17. My opinion on them was massively changed after their Sefton Park gig, was so hungry for live music I snapped up tickets to that event so quickly and it ended up being a great time, they have some good sing-along anthems that would be perfect in the sun, but just like you I won't be seeking them out, will be happy enough to end up in the crowd for them though.
  18. Sharing although it's most likely bollocks it'll get people talking, someone over in the R+L forums has heard Adele and AM are booked, "If anyone saw my previous posts about Arctic Monkeys playing Old Trafford Cricket Ground, apparently I was mistaken and it's actually Old Trafford stadium, they're doing a UK stadium tour either this year or next. They're also booked alongside Adele for Glasto 2023" @Komaric
  19. Slowthai being announced as his support was even weirder, evidently he pulled out to support BROCKHAMPTON on their tour instead which makes so much more sense
  20. Had seen him on TikTok plenty of times but didn't know he was a serious artist, wasn't until I looked his name up on spotify once I saw it on the poster when it clicked.. will definitely be down the front for them, so much energy and the closest thing to the Beastie Boys i'll ever get live
  21. Going off of who's already on the line-up and shifting them around to accommodate the R1 i'd go: RATM vs Bastille Dave vs Glass Animals Arctic Monkeys vs Jack Harlow
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