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  1. I've dreamt of going to Glastonbury since I was about 13 and am 26 now. It totally lived up to my expectations. Everyone I met was beyond nice and helped make the experience extremely memorable. Seeing the bands is one thing, but it's really the audience which made the festival for me.
  2. We didn't haha. Ended up seeing Jesus and Mary Chain because we weren't too confident that the crowds would be thin enough along the way.
  3. TownesMR

    2023 Headliners

    This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I think Dave will headline 2023.
  4. Disregard my stupid question but where is crows nest? The app doesn't seem to help me much
  5. Saw someone mention that Confidence Man were playing a secret set at some point. Did this happen or is it still expected?
  6. Has anyone seen Bicep merch for sale at all? Do you know if artists sometimes bring merch on the day they're playing? Thanks!
  7. Box office took a while, but we made it to dairy ground around 1pm today. Kind of stinks but hopefully the wind switches direction. Trade off for what otherwise is a perfect campsite for us. We're stoked as can be to be here!
  8. Any indication of what day/time?
  9. Does anyone know where I can find any sort of drink crystals in Bristol? I'm trying to find something to pack that's light and I can just add to water to mix with my vodka. No luck at Tesco Express or Sainsbury Locals. Thanks!
  10. This might be a stupid question but are spirits sold in plastic anywhere in the UK? I've only seen glass, so I'm expecting to have to pour into a plastic bottle, but if there's a way to buy them in plastic to begin with I will do that.
  11. Primal Scream - Loaded Bicep - Glue Turnstile - Mystery
  12. Don't think they'd keep her a secret. Would reckon she'd just be on the lineup.
  13. But too speculative. Let's await an official announcement if so. Man could have had food poisoning for all we know.
  14. Landed in London this morning after a rough sleep on the plane, but couldn't be happier to be here!
  15. Every comment alternates between saying it'll be absolute shit or perfect weather. Nowhere in between.
  16. For the introducing stage, I know there's a consensus that it's Wolf Alice, Idles, and Arlo Parks, but were there any guesses for the Saturday afternoon slot? Was this on the initial schedule?
  17. Is Pylon Ground as loud as some posts seem to suggest? The humming?
  18. TownesMR

    Show Us Your Plan

    Thursday Bad Boy Chiller Crew Four Tet (Hoping to get into this) Friday Libertines Ziggy Marley Wet Leg Confidence Man Sleaford Mods (last few songs of their set) Supergrass Idles Khraungbin Primal Scream Overmono Saturday Kikagaku Moyo Enny Black Midi AJ Tracey Pa Salieu Noel Gallagher Macca Fatboy Slim Sunday Herbie Hancock Diana Ross Turnstile (depends on who TBC on Park is) Jarv Is Bicep Haai
  19. All packed! Seeing Kraftwerk tonight in Montreal, then flying to London on Friday night. Counting down the days!
  20. I believe they specified that this set at Glastonbury is not a Screamadelica set
  21. Against Billie, Foals, Simz, Four Tet, I think Scream might be slightly under attended, but not 100% sure on that.
  22. Would people say it's relatively easy to get inside the tent for a headline set if you're there a few minutes early? Hoping to catch Primal Scream but might be coming in shortly before they start.
  23. Consensus seems to be Paolo Nutini, but it's not confirmed 100%
  24. TownesMR

    The Rabbit Hole..

    No queue at all?
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