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  1. Stromae has been announced for 2 festivals it seems. This one is the closest to Glasto... does anyone think he could be at Glasto? Would be huge, but not sure what kind of placement he could even get.
  2. Put out a music video that I think is my best work yet! A lot of work was put into this goofy song. I know some people on this forum enjoy what I do, so here's the latest (and greatest?)
  3. I just put out a new one too! Hope everyone enjoys!
  4. I'm willing to say Like Clockwork was one of the best albums of the 2010s that I would simply call a "Rock" record. I didn't like their last album at all, but would totally be into seeing them again if whatever they do next is good.
  5. Man, I'm dumb... was getting hype for a second
  6. Does anyone know what this means? https://www.instagram.com/p/CSZRWGoI3_0/
  7. I know this is mostly folks from the UK, but is the general consensus that The War on Drugs are big enough to sell out Madison Square Garden? I was kind of shocked to see a venue that big booked for them.
  8. So good! Nicolas Jaar never misses for me. He's a master of the craft.
  9. TownesMR

    Kanye West

    I've been a Kanye fan and have given this guy so many chances in the past few years. I was actually laughing hysterically last night cause I couldn't believe how bad the album stream was. I simply don't understand why a AAA album is mixed so poorly and done with seemingly no care.
  10. Glad some of you liked the song! Just put out the video and I'm really proud of it. Hope you enjoy! All the best and still counting down the days till being on the farm for the first time 🙂
  11. A new one from yours truly... been counting down the days to Glasto 2022! Can't wait!!! Hope everyone enjoys, I've been trying to step up everything from the production to the visuals for a while now. All the love from Canada, see you on the farm one day!
  12. Since the last thing I posted here got some love, thought I'd share my newest single. It's a bit different from the last, but I think it's still a good one. No video yet because of lockdown where I am, but it'll be a great one. Looking forward to finally getting to Glasto in 2022!
  13. I know this isn't the coolest thing to do, but I've been active on this forum a bit since securing Glasto tickets in 2019... I put out a music video yesterday and I'm trying my best during this covid shit to keep things going. I hope someone on here finds some enjoyment in this! All the best from Canada.
  14. TownesMR

    Nick Cave

    It can be both, but the low sales are a direct result of covid. Otherwise, Nick Cave in the past has done North American tours which have greatly undersold his European tours, so I don't think if this was sold out it would still be going on with covid.
  15. TownesMR

    Nick Cave

    Honestly y'all are wrong if you think he cancelled for any reason but covid 19. They surely don't feel confident about touring as early as April/May
  16. I've signed up for a vaccine trial in Canada in the chance Glastonbury happens and it's a vaccination requirement rather than a testing requirement. I don't believe my age group (mid 20s) will be vaccinated until after June 2021, so I have to take the chances. It would be a huge bummer to wait years for the festival just to lose my ticket. I'll probably never be able to get tickets again and it's a once in a lifetime trip for me, so I have my fingers crossed.
  17. If proof of vaccination is required for 2021, what do you think will happen with the people's tickets who are vaccinated after April? Do you think they would move select tickets to 2022, assuming a pretty large amount of people won't be able to go if that's the criteria? or is a negative test result the more likely scenario?
  18. Hey hey we do have some big names here... Terrence and Phillip headlining will surely be a good gig
  19. Thanks! Sorry if my comment seemed a bit negative, it just always feels like a whole cycle of the same old things are said in this forum. I meant to add that acts, including UK artists, only tour when it's profitable for them to do so. I'm not sure Glasto would be able to go ahead even if things were alright in the UK because it would require artists to have touring schedules that make it profitable for them. That would require all other festivals and venues to also have everything be flawless with no cracks. Trust me, there's nothing more that I want than concerts to be back next summer, but it just feels so distant at this point.
  20. Coming back to this forum for the first time in ages... I can't see Glasto going ahead even with vaccine news. Too many of the attendees, artists, and crew are not UK residents so I'm not sure they'd be able to really put it on without allowing international visitors. I do have a bias though, as I am Canadian... but without American acts or stagehands, I'm not sure Glastonbury will go ahead. I feel like things won't be better for festivals until the whole world is better off.
  21. Why on earth would they do that? Of course the tickets would roll over, they already do for 2021, why would they upset an entire group of people who by the end of this may have waited 3 years to go to Glastonbury
  22. TownesMR

    How do you feel?

    Haven't been on here in a while, but I'm totally bummed because I am convinced there will never be another Glastonbury Festival ever again. It's hard to complain when these experiences are everywhere, but it would've been my first and likely only Glasto this year.
  23. I haven't been active on this site for a while, so maybe someone can talk some sense into me. This year would've been my first Glasto, coming all the way from Canada. I was crazy excited for it and it was a huge dream of mine to go. Unfortunately, I don't think there will ever be a Glastonbury Festival ever again. I see 2021 as highly unlikely, and from that one article I read, it sounds like if there's no 2021 festival, that's the end of Glastonbury. Does anyone else interpret the article differently?
  24. At the end of the day, it's just money at this point, and it won't affect my bottom line. This is good news for me today, not going to worry about missing out on this experience. See you in 2021!
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